16 of the funniest tweets about running

Love or hate running, it's a hot topic for some of the funniest tweets and we've picked some of the best

Funniest-Running-Jokes-On-TwitterWe've handpicked some of the funniest running jokes to give you a good laugh

You might be someone who enjoys a spot or running at the weekend or you might be a seasoned pro who loves a marathon or two in your spare time. You may even be someone who spots people running down the street from the comfort of your own home, wondering why they’re doing what they’re doing. Whoever you are, and whether you like to run or not, you’ll definitely enjoy what we consider to be the funniest tweets about running…

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Sam Walker
the authorSam Walker
Sam is a regular gym goer who loves a strong spin or step class. Her main fitness goal is to tone up and be a healthier / fitter version of herself.

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