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Adidas, UNBOWND and MyProtein – this week’s fitness news – Friday 26th October

We've compiled the week's hottest fitness news, events and discounts

Adidas-Product-Recall-Weekly-NewsAdidas have had to recall a line of products and more in today's weekly news

It’s that time of the week – we’ve had a filter through the biggest news, launches and more to bring you the hottest fitness news this week. From product recalls right through to an interactive mirror that acts as a gym class. Dive on in.

General fitness announcements

Just last week Adidas announced a ‘voluntary product recall’ of  the Infinitex 3-stripe range of kid’s swimwear products. They’re strongly recommending that children up to the age of 1 stop using the products that have been recalled and return the products in order to get a refund. The product recall is a precautionary measure by the brand as it’s been found the three stripes on the swimwear products have been coming off whilst in contact with water, which can post a potential safety risk if they were to get caught on objects whilst swimming.

It is worth noting that no injuries have been reported as of yet.

Adidas’ children’s Infinitex 3-Stripe range has been recalled

UNBOWND are looking to reinvent sports apparel and are working to launch a new range of leggings; Shape-Fit. The Shape-Fit leggings will retain their shape and fit after prolonged use, won’t be see through and will be flattering for all women (they’ll even hide lumps and bumps). They’re made using moisturising and collagen-infused fabrics and will come in three colours: Black, a Geometric Pattern and Plum. The brand is currently using Indiegogo to raise funds to launch the leggings, with all those who support the project receiving at least one garment of clothing. Packages start from $35.

UNBOWND Shape Fit leggings use collagen-infused materials
The latest fitness launches

Myprotein have launched the PhaseTech™ range, considered to be ‘the next generation of sports nutrition’. Unique phased-release activation beadlets, combined with the best performance ingredients, means that your body is constantly boosted with the nutrition within their three products over a sustained period, allowing you to go longer and stronger.

PhaseTech™ range is currently made up of THE Pre-Workout+, THE Amino+ and THE Whey+ covering all aspects of your workout and nutritional needs. Prices start at £28.99.

Myprotein’s Phaseteach is the next generation of sports nutrition

We all have mirrors in our home; they help to make the room bigger and brighter, as well as giving us something to look in. Whether that’s looking at our appearance or even comparing our results. And we all like to work out in front of the mirror when we’re in the gym, to see how our form is and to ensure we’re on track. But instead of using the mirror as a negative object in the home, why not get a true transformation mirror?!

Mirror‘ has launched in the States and is a new kind of technology. What may look like a standard mirror in your home can actually be transformed into an interactive home gym with real-time classes and personal trainers. There are dozens of workouts included, from yoga and pilates to strength, boxing and barre.

It’s not cheap though.  For the Mirror and the subscription, in the States, you’re looking at either $164 a month for 12 months or $1,495 upfront with a 12 month subscription. It is pretty cool though – you’ve got to admit!

Mirror, currently available in America

CJ Skinhealth have just launched a premium skincare range that is designed for those of us with active lifestyles. The range consists of Active Cleanse and Enhance & Protect and comes after years of research and development, with Bianchi Dama’s team of riders putting the products to the test. These products are aimed at both active men and women,  with products starting at just £14.

CJ Skinhealth have launched a premium skincare range for those with an active lifestyle
This week’s top fitness offers and discounts

220 Triathlon Magazine have a fantastic subscription offer on right now. Subscribe to get 13 issues of 220 Triathlon Magazine for £56.95 and you’ll not only save 20% but also receive a pair of 2XU Compression Tights worth £89!

In case you missed it

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