Can DNA influence exercise and dieting success? Nutrifix and myDNA have the answer

Nutrifix has partnered with myDNA to give users the chance to tailor their exercise and eating to their genetic make-up

Nutrifix-myDNA-eat-drink-right-dnaDid you know that your DNA can determine how your body responds to food, drink and exercise?
What is the health app Nutrifix all about?

Nutrifix is the only nutrition app which takes your vital stats, health goals and dietary requirements into account in order to locate the best healthy meals nearby. The app provides you with hundreds of chain and independent restaurants nearby, with information such as how long the walk is and the price of each meal. You can also swipe for Deliveroo and get your food delivered.

The app gives you the opportunity to reach your fitness goals, whether that is to eat healthier or to lose body fat. In terms of numbers, the app gives you access to:

  • 5,000 meals
  • 12,000 locations
  • 130 vendors


Users also have access to regular blog posts with health and dieting hints and tips. It’s just like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket at all times.

By creating a profile and answering a few simple questions about themselves, users have access to all of this. They can even choose to filter by nutritional aspects, chains, independents and dietary requirements.

Why should I purchase Nutrifix Premium instead of using the free app?

Whilst having access to all of the above, the Premium upgrade allows users access to full menus, the ability to build their own ‘quick picks’ as well as being able to customer their macro-nutrient recommendations.

Taking it a step further, Nutrifix Premium has teamed up with Australian genetic interpretation company, myDNA. This does mean you have to do a mouth swab which has to be sent off and tested. All results are then uploaded to the users account, where users get a highly personalised plan to assist with the right eating and exercises choices – all based on genetics.

The science behind this is that your DNA determines how you body responds to exercise, food and drink, and by using this you’re able to tailor your diet and exercise to suit your body and get the best results.


What is myDNA?

myDNA is a genetic interpretation company that decodes the information in your genes to help you live better. It is as simple as swabbing the inside of your cheek and registering your DNA sample online. Once the swab has been analysed and your report is ready, you will be able to access it online.

We know that everyone’s different, and discovering you have one of the ‘less favourable’ gene variants is actually a really good thing. Thanks to our friends at myDNA, we can take the test and personalise meal recommendations on our app according to the most basic building blocks of our body. – Joel Burgess, Nutrifix Founder and CEO

How much is it to use Nutrifix?

The basic app is free to use. It’s Nutrifix Premium that you have to pay for:

  • £4.99 per month
  • £3.83 per month if you purchase a 3-month subscription
  • £26.49 for an annual subscription (about £2.20 a month).

If you’re someone who loves to eat out, or have food delivered, but are health conscious and like to keep on top of macros, then this is perfect for you.

How much is it to use myDNA?

For those who have Nutrifix Premium, it’s just £69 to take the Wellness & Nutrition test. This cost takes into account a £20 discount and delivery.

myDNA is new to the UK and is currently exclusively available by invitation only. This is the perfect chance to try something new before everyone else.

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