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Everything you need to know ahead of the Simplyhealth Great North Run

We've spoken to Achilles Physio to offer some top tips on staying injury free whilst training for the Great North Run

Great-North-RunSimplyhealth Great North Run is taking place this September in Newcastle

There’s less than five weeks to go until thousands of runners take to the streets in Newcastle for charity in the Great North Run. We’ve got all the information you need to know, and have teamed up with Achilles Physio to offer you some top tips on staying pain free.

What is the Great North Run?

The Simplyhealth Great North Run is the largest half marathon in the UK and the world, with 57,000 runners taking part each year. The 13.1 mile course goes from Newcastle City Centre all the way to the coast in South Shields.

Entries are now closed, but you can still go along and show your support. Why not line the streets and cheer on those taking part?

Thousands line the route to cheer on the 57,000 runners
Preparing for the Great North Run

Starting your training early and making sure you have the right footwear in the lead up to the race is just as important as everything that goes into the day. It can be hard to fit your training into your busy daily life, but without taking the right precautions when exercising, you increase the chances of suffering an injury and no one wants that before the big day.

Kristi Bester, Director of Physiotherapy at Achilles Physio, also gave us the following tips to ensure you train well in lead up to the Great North Run:

Get Good Footwear

One way in which you can maintain good health and avoid injury is to invest in a good pair of shoes for exercising in. Not all footwear has a suitable support and grip for a half marathon, and you may soon come to regret it if you do not have the right footwear! You can accomplish this by making sure that the footwear which you do have is suitably durable, waterproof and also has a good grip to prevent slips and trips.

Warm Up Before You Exercise

When it comes to you and your exercising, there’s no substitution for warming up beforehand. If you do not warm up before you run, you’ll find that such things as sprains and injuries are all too common. You should always do a five to ten-minute warming up session before you exercise to make sure that injuries are not caused by pulling or spraining muscles.

Consider Physiotherapy

If you have an existing pain or ache, then trying to fit your training in can be difficult. Therefore, a physio session could be just what you need. At Achilles Physio we’re able to help you keep your body in peak condition over the summer, offering sensible advice and showing you how to tailor your exercise routine to fit your lifestyle. A trip to a physiotherapist is a great way of managing and eliminating existing aches and pains, but also preventing new ones.

Rest Up Between Exercising

One of the most important things that you can do for your body when it comes to exercise is to get the correct amount of rest in between sessions. There will be even more pressure on the joints and muscles due to poor weather conditions, so making sure you give them time to rest and heal is important for making sure your body stays in prime condition.

There’s also a fantastic blog over on the Achilles Physio website titled ‘The Great North Run – How can I prevent injury?‘ This blog looks at the various injuries that can occur, typically from overuse, and the best ways to train. This includes using the FIT programme (Frequency, Intensity and Time).

Many choose to wear fancy dress when running the Great North Run
Is it worth spectating at the Great North Run?

Of course it is. Not only can you cheer on and motivate your fellow runners, there’s lots to see and do! And with 57,000 runners, you’re going to have plenty to watch.

Not forgetting to mention that there’s an abundance of celebrities who get involved. Just a few names set to run this year include Olly Murs, Scarlett Moffatt and Nell McAndrew.

Mo Farah won the Great North Run four years in a row

If you don’t want to wait for the ballot for next year’s Great North Run, check out our Events Calendar for various other jogging and running events near you.

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