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Failed your new year new you fitness regime already? A Squaddy can help!

Squaddy App Headstand for FitnessThe Squaddy App

Are you one of the many people who have already failed in their attempt for a New Year New You fitness regime? Millions of pounds worth of fitness and training equipment now sits dormant across the UK as swathes of once enthusiastic fitness fanatics slip back into their pre-January ways.

To try and help solve this Squaddy, an app for creating and sharing fitness content, is launching three new free training programs aimed at keeping people healthy, on track with their training regimes and connected with their favourite fitness experts.

Three free training programs on offer

  1. The Mile: Get a new 1 mile PB in 6 weeks with expert coaching from Adidas running mentor Josh Trigwell (aka @jrtruncoach) and Cheltenham-based running club owner Catherine Hickey (aka @catylouhickey). It’s open to all abilities and includes a mixture of strength, speed, mobility and running sessions. 
  2. Handstands: Learn to do a handstand in 6 weeks with calisthenics coach Bryony Miles, (aka @upsidedown_vegan). Based in Bath, Bryony is a recovering addict and helps her community train mentally as well as physically through skills-based gymnastics moves. 
  3. Squat PB: Charlie Stone (aka @stonestrengthweightlifting), a national weightlifting medalist and long-time S&C coach will take you through this intense lower body program to get you strong. This program is open to everyone as the weights are calculated from %’s of your existing 1RM.

All of the fitness programs are run through the Squaddy App which is free, easy to use and enables users to join fitness communities that they are interested in. The three programs go live on Monday February 7th 2022.

The creators of the App believe that the virtual community will reinvigorate the motivation levels of users and get them back on track with the fitness goals they set out to achieve at the start of the year. More programs are due to be added in the next few months.

“We built Squaddy to make it easy and fun for people to work towards fitnessgoals together” – Lucien O’Donoghue, Founder

Lucien O’Donoghue also commented, “This program introduces you to a goal you wouldn’t normally consider, but is complementary to existing fitness regimes. 5k’s have been overdone the last few years. There’s something pure about the Mile, it’s long enough to be an endurance challenge but short enough to work your speed. There’s also that element of historical prestige stretching back to Bannister’s 4 minutes in ’54.

It’ll be exciting to see how people get on and we hope it provides a good second boost of fitness motivation as we go into February.”

Two of the trainers involved with the new programs from the Squaddy App

Catherine Jasat, Cheltenham based running coach has worked on all of the Strength and Conditioning side of things for the 1 Mile group said, “I’m really excited to be involved with the fastest mile training plan! I’ve been coaching runners for 12 years, and these shorter running plans are really versatile: it’s achievable for beginners, it’s a good distance if you’re a non-runner looking for a fitness test, and it’s a really good speed focus for more experienced runners.

Constant variety keeps our bodies challenged and exercise fun, so I think it’s great that Squaddy have curated a set of different training programs as people begin to lose their motivation in the post January gym crush!.”

Here at we have our own range of training programs for those wanting to get started in running and cardio activities. Whilst we believe our guides will help, a dedicated fitness App such as Squaddy looks far more exciting and practical.

Andy Barr
the authorAndy Barr
Editorial Lead
Andy was late arriving into the world of fitness, running and training. He did not really take up regular gym going until he was in his late 30's. He lost over 7 stone in weight since starting and completed an olympic length triathlon in June 2018. He enjoys playing football, boxing and outdoor running.

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