Falling in love with running: an interview with Nike+ Run Club Head Coach Bit Beefy

Bit Beefy talks with about falling in love with running, TrackMafia and offers up two workout plans

Falling-In-Love-With-Running-With-Bit-BeefyBit Beefy, Nike+ Run Club Coach, talks about falling in love with running

Over the past couple of years as the Nike Run Club Head Coach in London I have worked with other coaches, pacers, the brand and their partners to help build and maintain a hyper local and global community. I have done this through the use of live sessions from stores and spaces as well working on Nike’s Audio Guided Runs, which runners are able to download onto their phones and run with when they are unable to get to a live session. I have helped to develop running concepts as well as creating events with the goal of engaging new runners and keeping long time runners inspired.

As part of my role I have been involved with some amazing people and projects and as my role has developed I have hosted Nike events and Q & A’s with the likes of Paula Radcliffe, Kevin Hart, JME and Mo Farah to name but a few.

But I must admit the highlight of my running/coaching career has to be watching people fall in love with running and watching their lives change as they grow in confidence.

As many others before me I view running as perfect representation of life, you get out what you put in BUT at times it will throw you a curve ball and you are left scratching your head wondering what happened when you did everything right…. Sometimes it’s your day and sometimes it’s not and I think that’s the beauty of it, which is why I continue to run and continue to coach.

Whilst I love working with all types of runners, I have to say that a special place is reserved in my heart for those just getting into it as I remember the beginning, I remember the struggle, I remember having no idea what I was doing and as time passed thinking no one told me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. No one told me what footwear I should or shouldn’t be wearing at that stage of my journey, no one told me that the wrong footwear or apparel could impact how much fun I was going to have and more importantly no one stressed the importance of a warm up and cool down were so I just continuously got injured.

I now look back and think hold on, all I had to do was a read a little, google a little or just open my mouth and ask some questions but to this day I see people making the same mistakes that I did or learning lessons in the same way that I did.

One of the reasons I take my warm up and cool downs so seriously nowadays is because of how much I tweaked my hamstrings, quads, and calves early on my running career.

In the early days I didn’t use or know the benefits of using products to help warm up, but recently I have started to use the Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion as part of my warm up before my speed sessions and long runs, to help ease tight muscles in my legs. Heat therapy brings more blood to the muscles and with it oxygen and nutrients. I now do a proper job of massaging it into any tight, tense areas – my calves, quads and hamstrings to help soften and relax the muscles, allowing them to move and stretch more easily. I then do my warm up jog at a nice easy pace followed by my activation drills and so far it’s helping.

Try this Track Workout
  • Apply Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion, to any tight, tense muscles
  • Warm up – to prepare your body before running
  • 4 laps easy
  • 2 laps 200m easy, 200m hard
  • 2 laps jog the bends, sprint the straits
  • 1 lap of activation drills. Low kicks, High Knees, A skips, B skips, Can Cans, Arm Drives, C skips, Fast feet
  • 4 laps hard
  • 3 mins recovery
Now for our new #333 workout
  • 3 mins – 30secs 5k pace/30secs mile pace
  • 3 mins – 30 secs mountain climbers/v ups/spidermen/Jack knifes/reverse plank pulse/reverse plank hold
  • 3 minute recovery
  • 3 sets


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#Meanwhile at #TrackMafia™ we be #TrackSide repppppppping. Now as I mentioned, tonight we begin our new cycle. Time to #BUILD babey, time to build. Big shout out to all our first timers who came out n smashed up the place tonight. Warm up. 4 laps easy. 2 laps jog the bends, sprint the straits. 2 laps of activation drills. 3 mins recovery. Now for our new #333 workout. 3 mins – 30secs 5k pace/30secs mile pace. 3 mins – 30 secs mountain climbers/v ups/spidermen/Jack knifes/reverse plank pulse/reverse plank hold. 3 minute recovery. How many? FOUR BABEY, ???????? lol. Cool down. 800m barefoot. 10 mins stretch. High fives and home. Sounds like something I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE, right? ? Try it, Leme know how you get on. #ThisIsLife #OwnIt #ItsMine #TrackMafia™ #TeamMates™ #?™ #Nike #Running #Track #Athletics #Fitness #London #LifeStyle #Canon #Canon_official #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #MyCanon #RDC #RunDemCrew

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If you would like to join us over at TrackMafia for one of our workouts come down to Paddington Recreation Ground on a Thursday evening. We start at 630pm and finish at 830pm. All runners are welcome whether you are a beginner or just about to turn pro. The workout you see above is one I use to work on my speed endurance and my strength and one that our athletes really enjoy. If it was your first session we wouldn’t ask you to do that, more a few 400ms for you to find your feet and start looking at how consistently you can run 400ms without the use of a watch, just relying on feeling.

What is Trackmafia?

TrackMafia™ is a group of like-minded runners whose aim is to revolutionise the way that track is viewed by everyday people. We meet every Thursday and offer a running speed endurance session for those interested in improving their speed over anything from a mile to a marathon. We offer knowledgeable advice on running technique, strength, conditioning, apparel, footwear, facilities and races.

Where does it take place?

Trackside – Thursday – 18:30-20:30, Paddington Recreation Ground, Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale, London W9 1PD

How can I get involved?

No hoops to jump through or boxes to tick just hit us up at or OR just turn up trackside and say hi, it’s that simple. All we ask is you come with a positive attitude and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

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