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Foodspring Vegan Vanilla Protein Review – “a must have supplement”

Foodspring vanilla vegan protein shakeFoodspring vanilla vegan protein shake

Foodspring Vegan Vanilla Protein

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Meet Foodspring – A plant based vegan protein shake that markets itself for vegans, carnivores and everyone in between? No milk, no problem. From endurance athletes, weightlifters to mindful yogis and anyone who could use some extra protein, could this Vegan supplement do the unimaginable – Be dairy AND jargon free!

A common problem us supplement lovers share (aside from stubborness to belive vegan shakes could beat that of our beloved whey), is the noticeable difference in taste and texture when trying plant based alternatives. Vegan shakes run the risk of tasting bitter because of the plant based protein ingredients, leaving the powder to be over-indulged in sweetner and flavouring to mask the disappointing truth of artificial taste.

If you regularly drink vegan protein shakes, you’ll know all too well the dreaded ‘sandy’ mouth feel. Unlike vegan protein alternatives, Whey is a liquid byproduct isolated from diary compounds allowing it to naturally embrace a creamy consistency – A quality the vegan shake market is still trying to perfect it seems.

However, if we’re really getting personal when it comes to protein powder choice, we know it’s highly individual to your nutritional and fitness goals. The bottom line… If there was a vegan shake alternative that met (or even exceeded) animal-based protein, its nutritional value and all-round taste, would you favour adding the flavour to your basket?

Meet Foodspring, the promise of quality and innovative nutrition alternatives.

Formula for Foodspring Vegan Vanilla Protein Shake

Diverting from the meat replacement protein, soy, Foodspring’s vegan shake range combine different protein sources to achieve a complete amino acid profile. Featuring a harmony of pea, sunflower, hemp and chickpea proteins boosting its biological value, the formula is a premium blend comprised of essential amino quality, often neglected in standard whey supplements.

But what’s the holy grail ingredient that sets the shake’s claimed creaminess apart from it’s gritty competitors? Chikpea protein. Said to imrpove blendability, promote smoothness and enhance flavour this wonder protein source is where the muscle magic happens.

Foodspring Vegan Protein Nutritional value:

Enriched with Vitamin B12, B6, folic acid and biotin, the supplement range considers the vitamins and minerals essential for anyone – Whether your exclusively vegan or simply experiementing with your nutritional choices. Whilst vegan protein powders are often fortified with vitamins to ensure those who are exclusively plant based are receiving enough nutrition, this is something often neglected by dairy dense competitors.

Foodspring have also innovated the recipe to be soy and gluten free plus adding calcium and zinc mineral complex – not only bolstering the nutritional value of the powder but making it accessible to all regardless of their dietary requirements.

Sitting at a healthy 21g of protein per recommended scoop, despite not the largest ratio of protein to powder on the market, it’s astonishingly low in saturated fats in comparison to its Whey enemy. Also featuring an eclectic micro-nutrient profile, this supplement is bounded by a notable string of amino acids. This reassures us the formula promises muscle growth and repair, plus replenishes energy stores and sustains your digestive system (because no one appreciates protein guts mid set).

Flavour range:

Whether you fancy classic cookie dough, experimenting with deeply rich chocolate and peant butter, or adding the flavourless option to simply up your protein intake; there’s an ecelctic mix of 6 totally vegan flavours to choose from. Historically, a sterotype often attached to plant-based alternatives was a flavour range as disappointing as the formula consistency. Foodspring, however, guarrantee better mouthfeel and flavour in 6 staple favourites, working to transform the fitness food narrative that plant based supplements can’t be on par (or even better) than non-vegan shakes. 

Foodspring vanilla vegan protein shake
Foodspring vanilla vegan protein shake

Foodspring Vegan Vanilla review:

A safe but classic flavour choice was decided. With Vanilla being one of the most popular protein powder choices amongst pallets of the fitness industry, expectations were high. The problematic theme with plant-based supplements continue to be consistency, blendability, texture and taste. Initially the 750g tub of finely powedered plant protein had no instant scent to indicate its tatste. However, in comparison to competitors I have tried previously, the powder itself was extremely fluffy, light and finely grained.

To truly test the supplement’s blendability and confirm Foodspring’s promise for a standalone supplement, I decided water was the least bias mixer – having no extra formula or ingredient added to it, which might enhance creaminess. This could be the instant make or break for any supplement powder, either clumping together due to thickness or crystalising as a result of too many artificial sweetners.

Considering the powder is fortified with an immense volume of vitamins and minerals, the blend was instantly seamless; Leading to a smooth, velvet like consistency with little to no powder clusters – that can easily be abolished with a shaker anyways!

Now onto taste… If you’re a supplement snob for vanilla flavouring, meet you’re new gym crush. Unlike artificial tastes guilty amongst plant-based supplements, foodspring did NOT disappoint. Naturally sweetened and enhanced by vanilla pod undertones, this was a harmonious balance between flavour and mouthfeel.

As a fitness lover that incorporates both plant-based and animal-based nutrition into their diet, the only indicator this product was derived from vegan protein sources was the packaging!

In all, If you’re already native to vegan supplements, or simply looking for a new addition to your protein pallet that doesn’t compromise on nutritional value, or taste satisfaction – Foodspring is your go-to nutritionist in a tub.

The Overview

From protein scoop to performance, it’s clear Foodspring promises the seal of premium nutritional quality and reflects the current zeitgeist of super food innovation. In all, a must have supplement shaking up anyone’s bottle. I would go as far as to say it is one of the best vegan protein shakes on the market right now.

The Reviewer

Lucy is a committed fitness fanatic who goes to the gym every day and thinks Rest Days are for the weak. She is always keen to try out the latest sporting or fitness trends and really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and diets that contribute and support a strong fitness regime and enriched lifestyle.

Lucy Parish

*This product was gifted to for review purposes.

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Andy was late arriving into the world of fitness, running and training. He did not really take up regular gym going until he was in his late 30's. He lost over 7 stone in weight since starting and completed an olympic length triathlon in June 2018. He enjoys playing football, boxing and outdoor running.

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