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Fortnite, Parkrun and Fiona Oakes – this week’s fitness news – Friday 5th October

We've compiled the week's hottest fitness news, events and discounts

David-Lloyd-Are-Launching-Fortnite-Classes-For-KidsDavid Lloyd Are Launching Fortnite Classes For Kids

What a week it’s been for the fitness world and for Sam B did a great review on some Gym King tracksuit bottoms – a first for the site – and we also looked at the top 10 international runs that you have to get involved in if you’re tired of the UK scenery (if that’s even possible).

But aside from all of that, we’ve got some exciting breaking news in the fitness world this week, some even more exciting clothing launches and FREE access to a documentary all about ultramarathoner Fiona Oakes. Read on to find out more.

General fitness announcements

David Lloyd gyms around the country have launched Fortnite fitness classes aimed at kids under the age of 13.  The classes, created with the help of 12-year-olds, is based around the victory dances, or ’emotes’. The Emote Royal classes are carried out to Fortnite’s soundtrack and include 12 of the most popular dances, such as flossing, take the L and boneless. Classes are included within David Lloyd’s membership package. What’s more, you can start with a 14-day trial if you want to try before you buy.

The Emote Royal classes are a great way to control ‘Fortnite fever’

We recently did a piece about Zwift Cycle and Zwift Run and how they combine fitness with gaming, and now there’s more exciting news. Up until now the two (Cycle and Run) shared worlds and platforms for you to run and cycle in, but now there are new routes specifically for Zwift Run.

One of the routes is a 5k Loop and the other four routes allow runners to access new areas of Watopia (Zwift’s fantasy land). The routes range from 3.1m and 100ft elevation to 7.8m and 192ft elevation.

Zwift have released 5x new running-only routes
The latest fitness launches

The founder of Parkrun, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, has just launched a new clothing line – Contra – that’s been two years in the making. The brand launch comes as Parkrun celebrates it’s 14th year and it’s 5,000th runner, with the slogan ‘movement for everyone’. The Contra range is ‘ethical, inclusive and fair’, supporting instead of shaming all those who take part in physical activity.

What makes this range different is that men’s and women’s products aren’t separated on the site. They’re all together, so you can wear what you want without feeling as though you’re going to be judged. All colours are neutral and the sizing ranges from B-K instead of XS-L in a bid to celebrate runners of every size. Products range from £22.50 to £38.00.

Contra, the new clothing range from the founder of Parkrun

Talking of clothing launches, Gap has announced it will be launching its Hill City athleisurewear range this month. Wanting to take on the booming athleisurewear market, Gap’s Hill City brand will feature ‘a collection of everyday basics using simple, human-centric, logo-light designs for a clean aesthetic’ for men.’ It’s just a shame their costs aren’t so ‘simple’. A basic t-shirt starting at $38, trousers starting at $98 and a Sherpa jacket costing £$148.

Hill City is due to launch mid-October
This week’s top fitness offers and discounts

Fiona Oakes is an unltramarathoner and the fastest woman in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents. If that wasn’t enough, she also holds three marathon world records as well as five course records. All of which, by the way, she achieveed after she lost a knee cap due a medical condition.

Running For Good is a highly-anticipated vegan documentary that tells Fiona’s story from the age of 14. From finding out she may never walk properly again, to today. The documentary is officially launching next week and will be totally free to stream for the first four days on. From October 11th to 14th simply visit and use the code ‘FREE’.

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