Get involved in your closest MoRun This Movember

MoRunning will be hosting 22 MoRuns across the UK and Ireland throughout November, raising vital funds for the Movember Foundation

MoRunning-MoRunMoRuns are taking place at 22 locations around the UK and Ireland throughout Movember
What is a MoRun?

Throughout ‘Movember’, MoRunning will be hosting ‘MoRuns’ across 22 different locations around the UK and Ireland. The MoRun events are set up to help raise awareness of men’s health issues and to raise money towards the Movember foundation.

This is the ninth year the MoRuns will be taking place and it is expected that 20,000 male and female runners will take part.

What’s a Virtual MoRun?

For the first year ever, runners can take part in a ‘Virtual MoRun’ from anywhere in the world, making the MoRunning experience even more exciting and accessible.

Runners taking part are encouraged to upload a screenshot of their results onto the Movember Foundation website. They will be placed onto the Virtual MoRunning leader board where you create your own profile. This allows you to mark your running times along with regular updates. You will also receive a medal and a headband.

Where are the MoRuns being held?

MoRunning have released over 22 locations where you can take part including; Aberdeen, Leeds, Birmingham, Exeter, London, Edinburgh, Bristol and many more. Head over to the website to get all the dates and locations.

What are the different events and can anyone take part?

MoRuns are suited to runners of all ages and abilities so anyone can take part. There is a 5k option for those of you who enjoy fun running and a 10k option for all you runners who like to take on a bit more of a challenge.

There will also be a 1.5k Mini MoRun for children to get involved in, aged between 3 and 12 years.

To be a MoRunner means you are part of something bigger than yourself, you’re part of a community, a family and a team. – Dave Krangel, Founder of MoRunning

Can you wear fancy dress for a MoRun?

Of course you can. Actually, runners are encouraged to wear fancy dress and to rock their real or fake moustaches. Make sure you turn up best dressed as there are ‘Mo Medals’ to be issued at each location. It’s all about having fun, dressing up or not, and crossing the finishing line  with a smile. Whilst also, obviously, raising money for an absolutely fantastic cause.

How do I enter a MoRun?

Early bird tickets are now available, starting at £10 for the Mini MoRun; £12 for the virtual MoRun; £16 for the 5k option and £19 for the 10k option. Head over to the website to book your place now:

For more information about MoRunning and MoRuns visit

If running throughout Movember doesn’t work for you, or you want a running event a little closer to home (whilst taking part in the Virtual MoRun), check out our Events Calendar to see what’s near you.

Get involved with your closest MoRun, have fun and raise money along the way
What is the Movember Foundation? 

The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale. The main goal is to stop men dying too young. In order to do this, plans are being put in place to improve the quality of life and prevent suicide by creating specific programmes on improving men’s mental health.

Other improvements the foundation are doing is teaming up with great minds, such as researchers, to help come up with solutions to try and make men’s lives happier and healthier.

The foundation particularly focuses on Prostate and Testicular cancer. Around 5.6 million men are facing life with prostate cancer, and this number is ever-growing. The aim is to create a world where no man goes through this disease alone without the knowledge and community they need. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men throughout the world. It is estimated that 330,000 men are living with this disease and this foundation is working hard to find the correct resources and tools, giving men the chance to come back and feel stronger than ever.

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