Get more active during July with the Red Bull Million Mile Commute

Red Bull want commuters to walk or cycle and rack up one million miles

The Redbull Million Mile Commute

Getting up and about, enjoying the fresh air, is never a bad thing. Although, it can be tempting to jump on the bus or in the car to speed things along. For the second year in a row, Red Bull wants to convince people to ditch the transport and get active. With this in mind, they’re launching the Red Bull Million Mile Commute 2018, taking place all throughout July. There are even incentives for all those taking part!

Walk or cycle your commute throughout July to win prizes with Strava and Red Bull
What is the Red Bull Million Mile Commute?

Last year, Red Bull teamed up with Strava and within three months users in the UK have managed to rack up an amazing one million commuter miles. This year, the goal is to smash that in just one month, hence the name ‘Million Mile Commute’.

The campaign encourages commuters to run or cycle into work each day rather than travelling by car, bus, train or tube. Not only will you benefit physically but so will the environment. If you struggle to fit exercise into your busy day, the commute may be the ideal opportunity to fit it in. You may even find that cycling gets you to work quicker as there will be no traffic jams.

How do I join the Million Mile Commute?

It’s easy to participate – just download the Strava app. Throughout the month of July you can record your activity by tagging the miles with ‘commute’. The app will allow you to view your progress, the collective progress of everyone taking part and find out if you have made it onto the weekly leader board.

The Strava app changes your smartphone into a sophisticated running and cycling computer. The app monitors your performance whilst you’re on the move, allowing you to track your performance stats and compare with previous ones. It can also be used in conjunction with GPS watches and head units, so download and get connecting!

The app is free to download, but by buying a promotional can of Red Bull you can upgrade your app for free for 30 days, giving you a chance to test out the app for future use.

Simply download Strava to join the Million Mile Commute
What are the incentives for doing the Million Mile Commute?

There are plenty of exciting prizes available, and they only get better as you log more miles…

  • 1 mile: Red Bull sample pack x 2,500
  • 10 miles: Osprey Escapist Backpack x 5
  • 10 miles: Hyrdoflask Bottle x 10
  • 10 miles: Stance Socks Gift Box x 100
  • 50 miles: One-year Strava premium membership x 10
  • 100 miles: Limited edition Red Bull fridge for your office with a year’s supply of stock x 5
  • 250 miles: MARIN FAIRFAX SC3 2018 bike provided by Cycle Surgery x 1

The prizes go to those who reach the milestones first.

The benefits of burning more calories and not having to face the sweaty, cramped public transport in July will make your commute more pleasant. You’re also guaranteed to feel fresher and less stressed once you arrive at work.

Whether you’re a committed cyclist, have just bought your first bike, or even if you prefer to use your feet and walk, jog or run, this challenge will be suitable for you. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the miles start racking up. It may even motivate you to get more active in your daily life outside of work too!

Red Bull have teamed up with Strava to encourage commuters to walk or cycle

Head on over to for more information and don’t forget to share your successes with us in the comments below. You can also share on social media using the hashtag #MillionMileCommute and tagging @RedBullUK.

And don’t forget, you can head on over to our Event’s Calendar to find out about running events taking place near you to help you get a few extra miles in through July (and onwards if you catch the running bug).

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