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review of Go Nutrition Whey Protein 80


We asked gym regular Harriet Dalwood to review the Go Nutrition Whey Protein 80 product. Although Harriet is not a trained nutritionist, she is a gym addict knows her “stuff”. If you are looking to try protein powder for the first time, this review will help you!

About a year ago, I knew absolutely nothing about protein supplements. I had heard of people drinking protein shakes or making additions into their diet to help them develop muscles but honestly that’s as far as my knowledge took me.

 After a visit to the doctor around a year ago, I was told that my body gets rid of protein faster than it should, and whilst I was told this wasn’t something to be overly concerned about at this stage in my life, I thought it was definitely a good idea to start adding more protein into my diet, especially as I continue to explore my love of the gym. 

 I didn’t really want to change my diet too much because I’m pretty stuck in my ways so I figured the best way to implement more protein into my diet would be to look into protein shakes. There are hundreds to choose from and they are all described in the same jargon heavy way so it was an incredibly daunting experience from a newbies perspective.

 Luckily I work with people well versed on fitness and I ended up, from their recommendations, going with Go Nutrition. Obviously flavour choice is down to personal preference and my tastebuds decided to go with ‘Strawberry’s & Whipped Cream’ on this occasion which, in hindsight, was a weird choice as I definitely prefer chocolate milkshakes above all the rest.

 Go Nutrition states the powder is ultra-premium whey protein from free range cows, which is why the taste and value are top notch. Per 25g serving, which is all you need, you get 20g of protein.



 You will need to purchase yourself a shaker before you’re able to drink this bad boy – luckily I had my Go Nutrition shaker to hand. The mixing process is straight forward and painless. The powder comes with a cute little measuring cup, with one whole cup being all you need to make the perfect shake. Add in 250ml of water, shake that bad boy vigorously and viola, you’re ready to down your shake pre or post gym (depending on preference.) The shake can also be mixed with milk for a slightly more indulgent but unhealthy shake. For the sake of trying to be the best me I can be, I don’t allow myself to have it with milk but for the purpose of the review, I did give both water and milk a try.

 The strawberry flavour is quite pleasant. In all honesty, I definitely would have preferred a chocolate flavour but I made this decision so now I have to live with it. If you love strawberry milkshake, you will probably adore this. The taste is exactly what you’d expect, with not much of a nasty aftertaste which I know can be a problem with many other protein shakes.

It does, of course, taste better with milk. It’s creamier and reminds me of a McDonald’s milkshake. I think I may treat myself with the milk concoction again if I feel like I’ve had a really good session at the gym and I deserve some sort of reward but, for everyday use, water is the way to go for me.

 It is imperative that you shake VIGUROUSLY. I cannot stress this enough; the first time I made up this powder I did not shake it enough and ended up consuming big, disgusting, powder lumps that hadn’t mixed in with the liquid. This was not pleasant and I would not recommend you give it a try. If the shake is smooth it’s okay but if it is lumpy, it is the devil.

 The cost of the powder is £11.99 for 500g, £17.99 for 1kg, £37.99 for 2.5kg and £64.99 for 5kg if you buy directly through Go Nutrition’s site. These prices are pretty darn reasonable for the amount you receive. I’ve had my 2.5kg bag for a couple of months now and I still have just under half left which is pretty good going. It is a much cheaper alternative to getting the ready to go protein shakes that you find it convenience stores and it tastes just as good. 

500g of Go Nutrition Whey Protein 80 will cost you £10.49 direct from their site. It also comes in 1kg and 2.5kg bags.

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Shannon is a seasoned writer and also a fitness expert. A regular at her local gym and also the finisher of many a mud runner, Shannon is always up for trying something new when it comes to health and fitness.

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