Grenade Carb Killa biscuits

Grenade-Carb-Killa-BiscuitGrenade Carb Kills biscuits come in two great flavours!

I have a problem with Grenade products in general – they are so damn tasty they cannot possibly be part of a healthy lifestyle.

The new Carb Killa biscuits are no exception – they are delicious and take me flooding back to childhood packed lunches when my mum would soften every now and then and slip in a Viscount to perk me up.

Are Grenade Carb Killa biscuits good to eat?

But looking at the nutritional information on the Carb Killa we can see that each contains 109 calories and 6g of high-quality protein with only 0.8g of sugar.

To compare that with my classic lunchbox biscuit, a Viscount would be lower at 73 calories but contains just 0.6g of Protein and 5.3g of sugar. The Carb Killa comes in either double chocolate or salted caramel and I found it great for adding a bit of pep before a session or aiding recovery.

How much does a Grenade Carb Killa biscuit cost?

The tough thing is not to give in to temptation and plough through a massive box in minutes and then sit wallowing in a pool of self-loathing. You would definitely lose weight though, but at £2.49 a pop it would only be from your wallet.

You can also buy a box of 12 (24 biscuits total) for £29.88 – although sadly buying in bulk doesn’t come with any discounts.

What other products are there in the Grenade Carb Killa range?

Grenade Carb Killa biscuits are just one product from the Killa range. There are protein bars, drinks and spreads available and I highly recommend you get stuck into the variety of flavours.

There are four different protein bars on offer:

  • Carb Killa (14 different flavours)
  • Carb Killa Go Nuts
  • Carb Killa Brownie
  • Reload

Two drinks are available in the range:

  • Carb Killa Shake (6 different flavours)
  • Killa Coffee

And you can also buy a Carb Killa protein spread in four flavours.

Grenade do a wide variety of flavours, some with awesome names:
banana armour, birthday cake (yum!), caramel chaos, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate crunch, cookies & cream, dark chocolate mint, dark chocolate raspberry, fudge brownie, jaffa quake, peanut nutter, white chocolate cookie, white chocolate mocha and white chocolate salted peanut.

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