Grenade launch new “Grenade Energy” drink and it is awesome!

Grenade Energy drinks launchGrenade Energy drinks launch

Grenade, more famously known for their protein bars, have tonight launched their Grenade Energy drink.

Having already reached the pinnacle of chocolate and protein bars. They are now entering a different market in an expansion of their multinational brand.

The launch was held in Protein Gallery, Shoreditch as Grenade invited a select few to witness the launch of their new energy drink and Jogger.co.uk was fortunate enough to get the nod to go along.

Grenade Energy can, taken at the launch party in Shoreditch

Allan Barratt, the CEO of Grenade, spoke at the unveiling and said: “We are really excited for the launch of this energy drink and believe it will be a massive moment in the future of Grenade.”

The event was well attended, with a number of influencers and friends of the brand attending to be a part of the launch of this exciting new venture. The drink was well received by the lucky few who were invited to the launch, with many highlighting the drinks natural fruity flavour and refreshing after taste, as the drink’s key features.

Grenade offered free cocktails and hidden in these alcoholic drinks was the new Grenade Energy. Despite energy drinks not effectively in cocktails, due to its unique taste it added a great deal to the drink and provided a refreshing taste.

Grenade Energy drink launch ice sculpture

What does Grenade taste like?

The drink itself has zero sugar, natural caffeine, electrolytes and vitamins. It also has 0 calories and a fruity and refreshing taste. The design, as is to be expected with Grenade, is bright and catches the eye.

Perhaps what is one of the drink’s greatest attributes is the way the taste separates the drink from other energy drinks, and has a taste you wouldn’t with energy drinks and this can only be seen as a positive.

It will be great to see what path the launch of Grenade Energy does for a brand that is already at the top of the UK markets and we will be keeping a watchful eye on how it progresses.

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