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Groov-e wireless sports earphones with LED neckband – review

Wireless Sports Earphones review - flashing LED neckband and 8 hours audio playback

Groov-e wireless sports earbuds come in red and green

Having recently tried and tested a quite expensive pair of headphones, I thought it was about time to try a set that were far more affordable. Does price determine quality, style and output? I came across Groov-e wireless sports earphones and knew I had to try them. Not just because they’re wireless (which is a must for those who love to workout without having a wire dangling down to their phones, flapping here there and everywhere), but because of their colour scheme.

Check out Groov-e’s video on the headphones before you scroll down…

How are the Groov-e wireless sports earphones to use for the first time?

They come with a little charge in them, but I would recommend you give them a good charge before you go out. They’re the first pair of headphones I’ve tried with such a short cable linking the two earbuds, and it did take me a little longer than I’d happily to admit to put on the first time. But the second time onwards was easy. I will say though: if your head is what you might consider on the ‘large side’ then they will be a little snug for you.

Do the Groov-e wireless sports earphones stay put whilst you’re working out?

Yes, they do. You might think that with the cable being so short it might bounce and irritate you, but it really doesn’t. They were actually one of the most comfortable and stable pair of headphones I’ve used. And you’re also not worrying that if one somehow manages to come away from your ear that you’ll lose it or break it.

What features do the Groov-e wireless sports earphones have?

My absolute favourite part of these headphones is the neckband. The headphones come in red or green*, but it’s not just a pretty colour; it’s an LED neckband. Press a button on the headphones and you can choose between off and 3x vibrant colour settings (solid glow, slow flash and fast flash). If you’re going to buy these and test them out at home, turn them on in a dark room – the lights are incredibly bright and will make you visible to anyone whilst out running in the dark.

* The above video from Groov-e shows that the headphones also come in blue, but I can only find all colours available on Amazon.

In terms of other features, the headphones boast:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 8 hours audio playback
  • Hands-free microphone
  • Secure fit & sweat-proof earbuds
  • Micro USB charging
  • 3x sets of earbuds to fit any size ears

They even come with a soft little travel pouch.

The Groov-e wireless sports headphones come with enough earbuds to fit all comfortably
Are the Groov-e wireless sports earphones affordable?

Without a shadow of a doubt, these are the most affordable headphones we’ve reviewed on And I can promise you that just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean you’ll be scrimping on quality.

The headphones can be purchased on Groov-e’s website in red and green for £44.99. However, I found all three colours (including blue) on Amazon:

  1. Red – from £29.80. Also highlighted as an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product 
  2. Green – from £21.69
  3. Blue – from £21.01
Final thoughts on the Groov-e wireless sports earphones

If you’re looking for a new set of wireless headphones without breaking the bank, get you some of these. They’re small and easy to carry around, they’re stylish, focus on safety and the volume is great. The travel pouch is handy too, especially if like me you have a tendency to scratch/damage things. I had my iWatch less than a week before I scratched it – should’ve listened to my fiancé and bought a protector. Ah well, you live and learn.

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