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Gymshark Flex Leggings and Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra – review

Gymshark-Charcoal-Marl-Pale-Turquoise-Flex-LeggingsCharcoal Marl/Pale Turquoise Gymshark Flex Leggings

I’ve wanted some Gymshark gear for what feels like forever, and I finally got round to ordering my first outfit. I had a gym competition coming up and I knew that I wanted a decent outfit to rock up in, so I settled on the Gymshark Flex Leggings in Charcoal Marl/Pale Turquoise and the Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra in Pale Turquoise Marl.

On paper, they aren’t a set. There is a Gymshark Flex Sports Bra that comes in a variety of colours, but none that matched the turquoise of the leggings I wanted. This is why I went for the other sports bra. As you’ll see from my pictures, it was a pretty close match, without being too “matchy”.

Here I am modelling the Gymshark Flex Leggings and the Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra
What makes Gymshark leggings so good?

From what I’d seen on other women in the gym and out and about, Gymshark leggings offered a nice, snug fit and were really flattering. When I tried mine on for the first time, I was really happy with the fit. I’m either a size 8 or a 10, depending on where I shop, so I opted for the Gymshark Flex Leggings in a Small.

What I love about Gymshark leggings first and foremost is the sheer number of styles and  colours available. These leggings come in FOURTEEN shades! So many brands fall down in this area, but Gymshark really offers as much variety as you could want. The brand has even started offering some patterned gym leggings, which I’m a big fan of (they disguise that dreaded crotch and butt sweat… am I riiiight?).

What is the sizing of Gymshark leggings like?

The Small Gymshark Flex Leggings were a good fit on me. The Extra Small offering would better suit a size 6-8 frame or smaller. They clung really well to my legs and bum, with no saggy material in sight, but my one complaint (if I was trying to find one) would be the length.

I’m 5ft 7 and have a 34 inch leg (thanks to a totally uneven torso to leg ratio – cheers, short body) so, if anything, I struggle to find full length gym leggings that don’t end up looking like they’re cropped. With the Gymshark Flex Leggings, there’s more than enough material in the length; a tad too much in all honestly. I found myself having to shuffle the material a little to distribute it evenly (so that I didn’t have to fold them up at the ankles or have too much material round my upper thighs in an odd, doubled-over crease line). Once I’d done the adjustments, all was well.

The rest was great; the leggings fit comfortably around my hips, waist, bum and legs; a little less material on the length and they would’ve been perfect.

There are 14 different shades available for the Gymshark Flex Leggings
Do Gymshark Flex Leggings hold their shape during a workout?

Absolutely. The Gymshark Flex Leggings don’t start to loosen or sag midway through a workout; the fit at the end was just as good as when I started out. I didn’t have to constantly pull them up at the waist like I do with some of my other gym leggings, which was ideal.

Do Gymshark Flex Leggings flatter your booty?

I’ve never been blessed in the booty area; it’s only as I’ve started more regular workouts and some weight training that I’ve developed any sort of shape. Everyone wants a peach, as the frequency of the emoji appearing on Instagram will tell you; and if that area of your physique is a work in progress then you’re going to want all the help you can get. I’m not talking bum surgery or butt-boosting, padded pants either; rather, gym leggings that are designed to accentuate your derriere.

The design on the derriere of the Gymshark Flex Leggings is incredibly flattering

The Gymshark Flex Leggings really flatter the booty, because of the darker shading on the material below the bum cheeks. This gives the illusion of a peachy bum, even if you still have a lot of work to do on the old gluteus maximus. Although the fabric is form hugging, it isn’t the sort of material that offers accidental compression or flattens the glutes. All in all, extra points for booty accentuation.

Are Gymshark Flex Leggings high-waisted?

Another great feature of the Gymshark Flex Leggings is the thick band around the waist. Some people don’t like gymwear that’s too heavily branded, but I don’t mind at all. A lot of my Nike leggings have the elasticated, thick band around the waist that say Nike Pro all the way around and I feel like Gymshark is still an aspirational brand on the gym scene, so there’s no shame at all in rocking the label.

Not only does the band prevent the leggings from slipping down during a workout, it can also be worn as high on the waist or low on the hips as you please. Personally, I’m a fan of high-waisted gym leggings and so I favoured wearing these slightly pulled up and, yes, we were all good on the camel toe front.

What’s the material of Gymshark Flex Leggings like?

The material of the Gymshark Flex Leggings is quite thick and very soft to touch and, although they are made from predominately nylon and polyester, they were surprisingly breathable. The material was thick enough that it didn’t show any undesirable sweat patches, but not too thick that you felt like your legs were trapped in a pair of leg saunas. Also, most importantly, they are not at all see-through… even during the lowest squat hold you’re capable of. Don’t you just love a squat-proof pair of gym leggings?!

The Gymshark Flex Leggings are made with thick but soft material, and the handy thick waistband keeps the leggings firmly in place
Are these Gymshark Flex Leggings good value for money?

The Gymshark Flex Leggings are currently £32 (however, I bought mine discounted in the Gymshark Birthday Sale for about £10 cheaper). I’d say that’s totally worth it and great value for money. I’ve worn and washed them several times since buying them and they hold their shape really well, haven’t lost any elasticity and I’ve also  put them through their paces in terms of a few accidental knee to floor scrapes and there are no holes in sight just yet.

Are Gymshark sports bras a good fit?

Usually I struggle to find sports bras that fit well and offer enough support that you don’t feel like your boobs are going to fall out the bottom or give you black eyes if you get a bit too energetic. In this instance I opted for the Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra in a Medium. I wear a 34F in normal bras but felt that the large size wouldn’t strap the girls down enough. The Medium was the perfect fit and even offered enough support for a very bouncy RiKaShaKe trampoline fitness class. The only thing I would like to see from Gymshark are sports bras that offer traditional bra sizing (cup and back measurement) as that always scores major points for anyone in the DD+ category.

Does the Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra padding stay in place?

Stay in place during a workout? Yes. Stay in place during a cycle in the washing machine? Nope!

To be fair though, not many sports bras I own that have those movable pads in come out of the wash looking like they did when they went in. Some adjustments through the tiny holes on the side are always needed. If you’re not bothered about having the padding in (they do an OK job of hiding a stiff nipple or two), then just whip it out; however I did find that it offered a bit of extra support.

The Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra provides all the support and stability you need for an active workout
The final verdict

The Gymshark Flex Leggings are now my favourite pair in my dedicated gym drawer. I’ve actually got one of those now that my workout wear is slowly overtaking my everyday outfits. They’re great value for money, comfortable, stylish, a flattering fit and come in loads of different colour combinations.

The Gymshark Vital Seamless Sports Bra also ticks all the right boxes too (aside from the usual migrating boob pads). I’d definitely buy more styles from the range.

Today I competed in Queen of the Gym with some amazing, strong women. I went in with the mindset that I just wanted to get through all the challenges, because I knew placing top 3 would be pretty impossible for me (I was right). In 1st, 2nd and 3rd were @lou_mclarney @oakstrengthemma and @glawstergirl and it was SO close. They – and all the other women – were phenomenal. Big thanks to @sophie_goldthorpe and @jameschurchill23 for organising the event and convincing me to do it again. My husband Dave was right there cheering me on throughout and says he’s proud of me, which makes me feel a little bit amazing to be honest (even if I did have to lay in my pants in front of a fan when we got home whilst he brought me endless snacks and sugary drinks until I felt human again) ❤️???

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