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Gymshark Ghost Tank – Review

Gymshark Ghost Tank Review, Black Marl

Gymshark-Ghost-Tank-Black-MarlGymshark Ghost Tank, Black Mark, review

I’ve got many items from Gymshark that I train in, but most recently thought I’d try out the Gymshark Ghost Tank. The top comes in three colours; Black Marl, Port Marl and Nightshade Purple (which purple, not an in-your-face one). I went for Black Mark as black’s one of my preferred colours.

Why choose a Gymshark training top?

Where do I start? Gymshark has been THE big thing in fitness since I started my fitness journey. It was the first brand that I had heard of when I first started training and for a long time I believed it was the only one on the market.

But its growth and style is what has put it at the top of the fitness clothing industry. Its models, videos, and vision have made it something to idolise for myself and many of my peers. The brand incorporates all types of fitness and does a great job of building a story and creating a community, in a way that other fitness brands have really struggled to do. Not to mention the quality of material and the vast range of clothing, Gymshark really does accommodate to all types of fitness endeavours, from running to power lifting.

Sam’s review of the Gymshark Ghost Tank
What is Gymshark’s sizing like?

I am 5ft 11 and weigh around 75kg with an athletic build. I purchased a size Large Ghost Tank and it fitted nicely. A medium, I think, would be a struggle and anything bigger than a Large would be far too baggy. The only issue I had with the fit was that the vest felt quite tight on my chest in comparison to the fit around my torso. This gave a slightly squarer look to my body whereas a more sculpted V shape is ideal. However, I reckon if I wore the medium it would have sculpted my body much more.

How does the Gymshark Ghost Tank fit during a workout?

I wore the Gymshark Ghost Tank during both a cardio workout and a weight lifting workout; this gave me the best outlook on how the vest performed in all kinds of movements. I was extremely impressed while I performed the cardio part of my workout; I cycled for 10 minutes and ran for another 10. While I was a sweaty mess, the vest was dry. The vest showed no sweat patches thanks to the breathable material on its back panels allowing me to work out and build up a sweat without having the vest stick to me.

Not only did I feel comfortable I also felt good about the look of the vest; it is minimal yet stylish and keeps to a simple dark grey and light grey colour scheme. I know a lot of people don’t really want to stand out too much in the gym with bright colours and neon tones, so this is a perfect top for keeping under the radar and getting your workout done.

I was equally impressed when it came to the weight lifting portion of my workout. Not only did the breathable material prevent me from overheating and being drenched in sweat, I was also able to perform any movement without feeling as though I was stretching the material. Other tops and vests I’ve worn before have lost their shape due to the various workouts I do, even during my workout, but the Gymshark Ghost Tank didn’t.

The Gymshark Ghost Tank is made with breathable materials for a more comfortable workout
Would I buy Gymshark again?

In short – YES!

I have bought things from Gymshark before and definitely would do again; their products are the highest quality in the fitness industry right now. However, I am a sucker for a bargain and will tend to wait for flash sales and price cuts to get the most for my money, having just come out of uni. This tank was only £15 when I bought it, which is much lower than the average price. It’s not back at full price (£26) but it’s well worth every penny!

Here I am, wearing the Gymshark Ghost Tank
Would I recommend Gymshark?

If you haven’t ever tried Gymshark before then maybe now is the time. They offer all kinds of clothes and have just brought out a lifestyle range for a more casual look in and out of the gym. I would 100% recommend to anyone to give the brand a go, especially the workout specific clothing as that’s the stuff that I have personally tried, from the trousers to the t-shirts.

My favourite thing about the Gymshark Ghost Tank is the durability in its material; I was able to do any movement from heavy weightlifting to stretching without fear of stretching the vest and potentially leaving it misshapen. And I still looked great when I finished.

What other Gymshark products shall I try?

We have numerous other reviews coming up for men, so keep an eye out, but the team have managed to review a few ladies garments already:

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