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Gymshark’s women’s Sleek Running Raincoat review

Jess Bashford gives her review on Gymshark's women's range. Today she looks at the Sleek Running raincoat.

The latest gear from GymShark.Jess showing off the latest gear from GymShark.

As a relatively new (ish) runner I don’t tend to spend a lot on my running gear, especially since I’ve started my running journey in the gym – where unless your gym’s aircon is up to the minuses – is usually relatively hot….and sweaty.

However, I recently had the chance of trying out Gymshark Sleek Running Raincoat to review for I took my running adventure outside into the British, what some are calling spring, or what I like to call the second winter. I have never worn a running jacket whilst cross country running, purely for the fact that I always used to think I wouldn’t need one as I build up enough heat on my run as it is. So why would I need to be kept warmer?!  But after running my usual 5k (30-minute run) in this jacket I may have just been converted.

GymShark's women's wear
Jess showing us the Sleek women’s raincoat by GymShark.
Is it comfy to run in?

Not only was this super comfortable but it also kept me at a good temperature. Sure I had to undo the zip to let some breeze in but I never once fully took this jacket off during the course of the run. The comfort was on another level, usually I hate feeling restricted in jackets as I find they can tend to be stiff and restrict my arms running motion to reach its full potential. This did not.

The only time it wasn’t particularly comfortable (which is the reason I gave the size a score of 8/10) is when I put my thumbs through the handy little sleeve holes. The sleeve length in total came to the edge of my wrist as you would expect. But when using the thumb holes I had to pull the sleeves at least 3 inches forward which of course made the sleeves a lot tighter. It wasn’t very comfortable so I gave up on them. I didn’t really need to keep my hands warm anyway.

Can it cope with the weather?

The waterproof jacket and hood are real positives.  This being England, the heavens occasionally open to bless us with downpours of biblical proportions, but briefly, while I was on my run, the weather turned and although my lower half was saturated, my top half was dry as a bone. The same can’t be said for my trainers however who solemnly had to hang over the radiator in my hallway for the remainder of the day. So top marks for weatherproofing. The hood itself also remained up whilst running which even my favourite coat can’t do.

How does it look?

It’s also a rather stylish jacket if I do say so myself, it’s black which is a practical colour and for the conscious of you, slimming. It’s also something I would possibly wear as a jacket even when I wasn’t running and just popping out, giving my one and only coat the break it thoroughly deserves!

Does it have any extra little perks?

Other nifty little features I found useful were the inside pockets. Deep enough for everything you would need. With this added security of knowing nothing would fall out, it made my run smooth and I didn’t have to stop to adjust anything.

The inside pockets of the new Sleek jacket from GymShark.
The inside pockets of the new Sleek jacket from GymShark.
So what’s the overall opinion?

Overall I can’t fault this jacket for style, practicality or comfort (apart from the sleeve issue) is great! The fact I can now begin my run in the same comfort and warmth as I would normally end it may have given me the incentive to run outdoors more and help me reach that next milestone of 6k.

The only real negative I have about the jacket is the price. For me personally, the jacket is way above my usual price range when it comes to running gear or any type of clothing for that matter, so I can’t say I would have opted to purchase this off my own back without trying it first.

However, I do understand that to create high-quality garments it takes a little extra and those costs need to be earnt back somehow! So for other, full time, professional runners who are more likely to invest in a running jacket at this cost I would highly recommend it.

It’s mid-weight, comfortable, waterproof, windproof and won’t make you feel like a sausage in an oven! But don’t take my word for it; get your hands on your own today.

I’ve been lucky enough to get myself the waterproof jacket, now I just need to find some waterproof shoes



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