Harvey Lawton, PT and Founder of The Movement Blueprint – My Lockdown Workout

Harvey Lawton, The Movement Blueprint, features in today's My Lockdown WorkoutHarvey Lawton, The Movement Blueprint, features in today's My Lockdown Workout

Harvey Lawton is a personal trainer and founder of online training platform The Movement Blueprint. Offering training solutions to improve your performance from every angle, Harvey has released a number of training e-books including RUNNING FOUNDATIONS: HOME EDITION; a minimal equipment strength plan specifically designed for runners.

We’ve been fortunate enough to grab a few minutes of Harvey’s time and today he’s the latest guest in the My Lockdown Workout series…

Harvey Lawton, The Movement Blueprint
Harvey Lawton, The Movement Blueprint

How did you get into fitness?

From a young age my sole focus was sport. I always had a competitive nature and loved throwing myself into new skills and sports, working to improve myself wherever I could. Through playing rugby, I got a taste for high performance sport and the dedication required to everything around it – from all aspects of training, to nutrition and recovery. This experience hugely shaped my approach to fitness, from coaching and my own training regime, to competing in the sport of fitness and the further education I’ve undertaken.

I’ve always been fascinated by the body’s movement and exploring ways to optimise performance. Corrective exercise and helping people to achieve more and overcome injuries/set-backs is one of my greatest passions, and a direction that led to the launch of my online training platform The Movement Blueprint.

Fitness continues to play a huge role in my life. My own training continually evolves as I learn and delve into new performance concepts, whilst coaching others both in-person and online across the globe is something I take huge pleasure from.

What is one of your favourite lockdown workouts?

My favourite workouts since lockdown have been work capacity-based sessions – concept2 BikeERG, SkiERG and metcon style workouts. 

An awesome workout from last week was:

  • 25cal BikeERG
  • Single-sided kettlebell complex (right and left):
    • 6 x KB swing
    • 4 x KB clean + press
    • 2 x KB thruster 
  • 25cal SkiERG
  • 30 x Burpees

I did 30 minutes worth of effort, which equated to around 8 rounds!

I love testing my capacity and integrating skill-based movements (i.e. kettlebell work) in and amongst this. For anyone with limited equipment, this could easily be replicated by integrating running instead.

What’s your nutrition like when doing a lockdown workout?

Fuelling metabolically-taxing workouts requires fuel beforehand in the form of high GI carbohydrates, with plenty of water during. For longer duration workouts (around the 60-90 minute mark), I sometimes take on intra-workout carbs in the form of energy drinks or gels. 

Throughout the day, I rely on the fantastic nutrition of Fresh Fitness Food – a home delivery company whereby fresh meals are prepared in accordance with my assigned macros. In and around a busy schedule, the convenience is ideal. Another daily habit is always making sure I take on enough water.

Do you have any tips for those new to working out?

Absolutely – work on your mobility and movement patterns as a foundation, before looking to apply load. Practice different skills such as kettlebell movements, and ensure enough time is invested across mobility, strength and cardiovascular development.

The Movement Blueprint offers coaching and education across all facets of training – you can find more info on the full offering here: You can also follow them on Instagram at @themovementblueprint for additional tips and advice.

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