Running into Spring: how to get into running this spring or back into tip top shape

Can't wait to get your trainers dirty again? Or perhaps looking forward to a snow free session? A few tip on how to get back into your running grove this Spring

Runner getting ready to run in her spring regime.Lacing up for her spring run.

Now that winter is behind us, let’s scrap those base layers, bang off that snow off our shoes and get our shorts on. Perhaps optimistic, but with the turn of Spring, the roads will see a rush of fresh blood getting their laces dirty for the first time. Plus the return of the old-timers getting ready to crack back on with their Spring running regimes once again.

How do I start running and How to get back into running?

If you fall into the earlier mentioned category then it’s all about putting on foot in front of the other. Simple right? When you start to run it can feel like your running for the sake of it. You know it’s good for your health but how can you actually know you’re doing it right? Set goals. Make sure they’re realistic and attainable. Don’t be an ego-runner. I was – but to avoid the awkward conversation of ‘what did you do over the weekend?’ while you limp agonizingly to reply ‘nothing much’ because you dare admit your run got the better of you. Make sure your Spring running routing is possible for you to stick to.

What is a realistic running goal?

It varies from person to person. My immediate suggestion would be to get some miles under your belt. Start with a few 2 mile runs a week to try and gauge your ability. You can then use your data in apps such as Asics, Nike Run, and Strava. These apps will create a schedule for you to follow to ultimately take you to your Spring running target: whether that’s a 5k or marathon.

For the running guru’s out there thinking about how to get back into running, this won’t be your first seasonal showdown but take it easy. Run under your capabilities and ease yourself back to your full strength. Mix high intensity, fast workouts with easier ones. This gives you the benefits of a hard-work but helps you keep that run streak burning, if you can bare the next days that is. Set yourself a short term-goal for when you want to be back up to full strength.

What do I need to start?

Now excuse me for the foreshadowing but I cannot promise a sunny spring. Running can be a cheap sport to get into once you’ve got the basics: comfortable trainers and flexible clothing and a water bottle your good to go largely. However, as we move into spring it might be worth investing in a winder breaker just to be on the safe side.

For the elites among us who are wondering “how do I get back into running”,  it’s likely you have everything you need to knock those winter blues out the park. If your still lucky enough to have a bit of spare Christmas cash in your pocket we might have an idea of what you could add to inventory to kick-start your spring regime.

Check out our reviews and technology pages for our trainer, tops, bottoms and baselayer reviews as well as wearable tech and gadgets that might help your Spring running programme take you to the next level.

Running gear useful for beginners or experts.
Good pieces of equipment for any runner of any level.

Where should I run?

Largely a question of personal preference no matter your ability. Road running is considered a little easier because of the steadier terrain but everyone loves a good view so don’t limit yourself. Trail running can be tougher on the body. It involves sharp changes of direction, jumping or swerving to avoid natural obstacles. A word of caution to you new-bees out there, any hay fever suffers out there, be prepared.

With those out the way, lets cheers in advance to smashing our spring goals and hope the weather keeps at bay with no more snowy, slushy surprises.

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