Joining a new gym? Here are our do’s and don’ts!

If your looking to get yourself summer ready then you might look to join a gym. Don't be the class clown by following these key steps.

Empty gym.Your new abode. How to jump right in!

So I’ve been working out at DW Fitness First for a couple of months now and I’ve got to say, I’m converted. It took me a couple of testers to finally sign the dotted line but I can honestly my local is fantastic. But going into a new gym can be a scary thing. You’re unsure of where everything is, where you can and can’t go and getting your head around the fitness class timetables is one hell of a chore. Here are my tips for getting yourself settled into a new gym.

Should I get friendly with the staff?

For me at DW Fitness First, I had a really good chat with one of the PT’s showing me around the place. Be human, create conversation. They’ll always try to make you feel welcome so reciprocate it. Ask them questions. Tell them about your style of training and whether there’s anything at the gym to help you. The more they know about your training the more helpful they can be and the last thing you want is to feel eyeballed by your PT.

DW Fitness First
A PT can be your best friend at the gym!
Is sussing out the locals a good idea?

Whatever your goals, at the beginning you’ll realise there are people who are always there. They must sleep in the weight racks or nap on the bench. Don’t get in there way! I’ve found 9/10 they’re lovely but make sure you can at least give them a smile and don’t give them a reason to dislike you. You could be seeing a lot of them.

Should I talk to the guy who always seems to be by me?

What I found at DW Fitness First is because the gym is laid out in a methodically, it’s easy to find yourself always working out next to a soon to be training buddy. For example, at my local gym, I was learning callisthenics. I used a lot of the chin-up bars and parralets and quickly come to realise a few familiar faces. So socialise. Ask what the others doing because sharing what you know might help them or they might help you.

DW Fitness First
Share your knowledge and people might do the same!
Are classes good?

Getting involved with your gyms classes if they provide them is another great way of meeting people and building.

What is one of the first things I should do?

A lot of gyms will give you a free PT session when you join so take full advantage. This will give you an extra sprinkling of confidence as they’ll go through each machine.

How do I go about training at a new gym?

There is a certain etiquette when it comes to operating in a gym so don’t be too boisterous. You’ll find most gyms have the same do’s and don’ts. Being the new guy that pushes in, gets in peoples way or ruins peoples set is a reputation hard to wipe clean.

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