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Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones – review

A tried and tested review of the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones in Cloudy White

Libratone-TRACK-Headphones-Cloudy-White-Stormy-BlackLibratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones

As a now-avid gym-goer, I’m always on the hunt for some top-notch wireless earphones. There are hundreds on the market so it can be pretty overwhelming choosing which ones are best for you and I’m here to help you in your search, having tried the Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Earphones

My workouts are always incredibly varied; I usually always partake in cardio sessions, do my fair share of resistance workouts and I’m no stranger to a high-intensity class. I felt I truly put these headphones to the test.

My review on the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones
Do the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones stay in your ears, even during the most intense workouts?

I absolutely HATE when headphones fall out mid-workout. There is nothing that gets me out of my ‘zone’ faster than Childish Gambino being taken away from me, as I fumble to stuff the earbuds back into my ears without stopping my workout. If I stop, I lose my rhythm and basically my whole day is ruined.

BUT I’m pleased to say that these earphones didn’t make me lose my rhythm. In fact, they even stayed in my ear as I did jump squats, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

They stayed in for almost every workout I did, from my booty and arm routines to my cardio sessions. The only time that they ever fell out is when I was doing specific ab workouts. Truthfully, this is to be expected as I am lying down during these exercises and gravity is a thing.

Are the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones noise cancelling?

I can honestly say that these are the most noise-cancelling earphones I have ever had the pleasure to try out. I cannot stand being able to hear any background noise when I’m trying to get my sweat on. With four levels to choose from, this is something I did not have to worry about.

My gym, like most gyms, have their own playlist that they blast out from the speakers and, as much as I love listening to the same house song over and over again (eye roll), my own music gets me truly pumped up to workout. With these headphones, all I could hear was my own playlist, with not even a whisper of the gyms tunes.

They are so noise cancelling that, after the gym, someone I knew spotted me and was calling my name for a while and I had no idea; they had to physically touch me for me to notice them.

The headphones come with a four-step adjustable noise cancelling feature
Are the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones comfortable?

The earbuds on these headphones are shaped perfectly to fit in the ear, meaning that they will not budge but also do not feel uncomfortable.

I did not have to rearrange them once whilst I was wearing them and they moulded to the contour of my inner ear without fault.

What features do the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones have?

Alongside what’s already been mentioned, the headphones come in Cloudy White and Stormy Black. Although I tried out the Cloudy White, I think I’ll be going for the Stormy Black in the future because it fits with my aesthetic.

They’re also splash and swear proof, have up to eight hours battery life (from just one hours charge) and have a four-step adjustable noise cancelling feature:

  • Pass through. You hear 80% outside noise, leaving you able to talk to people without having to remove the headphones
  • Passive ANC. Taking in just 60% of the outside noise, you can enjoy the surroundings and your music
  • 50% ANC. Level 3 only takes in 30% of the outside noise, whilst allowing awareness when in noisy places
  • 100% ANC. You’ll get less than 10% of the outside noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your workout
The Libratone TRACK+ headphones come in Stormy Black and Cloudy White
Do you need to download anything for these headphones?

As with many earphones, there is an app you have to install  before you use the earphones. At first this irked me slightly as the storage on my phone is usually full to the brim. However, the app itself is only 49.2MB, which in the grand scheme of things, is nothing.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can use Spotify or whatever other music streaming application you prefer as you would usually do.

How much are the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones?

These earphones are on the pricey side, retailing at £169.99.  I’m very much a cheap and cheerful kind of girl so I do not tend to splurge if I can help it. But, after trying these earphones out, I can without a doubt say they are worth the price.

Not only do they stay in the ear, they will drown out any background noise and help you get pumped up for even the most gruelling workouts.

Final thoughts on the Libratone TRACK+ in-ear earphones

All in all, I am beyond impressed with how these earphones performed. I was not expecting them to stay in my ear so well, especially when I was jumping up and down and lunging like a mad woman. But they held their ground and I got to listen to my tunes, making for a happy Harriet.

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