Lisa Olona, Transformational Mind & Body Coach – My Lockdown Workout

My Lockdown Workout, featuring Lisa Olona, Transformational Mind & Body Coach

Lisa Olona is a certified transformational mind & body coach, with an inspiring approach to both weight loss and mindset. Her workouts can be accessed through her Online Fitness Academy, and are designed specifically to help busy professionals find the right fitness program and nutrition plan for them.

Her fitness boot camp was named Best of Peoria (Arizona) multiple times and Lisa, personally, was named Best of Peoria in the trainers category. Her workouts have also been featured on big-name television channels such as NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX, and she herself has appeared on the front cover of the Arizona Republic. Lisa’s released her best-seller book ‘Cross Your Creek: A Determined Woman’s Guide to Becoming Unstoppable’ this year.

Today Lisa’s here sharing a snippet of what her My Lockdown Workout looks like for us all to try…

Lisa Olona - Transformational Mind & Body Coach

How did you get into fitness?

My passion for fitness started in childhood. I played sports from a young age, and at the age of nine I could often be found creating obstacle courses for my friends to complete. Later, after a successful stint as a high school and collegiate volleyball coach, I shifted my focus. I decided I wanted to create wellness programs that would help improve the lives of busy women, and went on to accomplish a great deal in this line of work.

What is one of your favourite lockdown workouts?

My favorite workout focuses primarily on weights.  I like to superset my exercises with only about 30 seconds rest between each superset to keep the heart rate up.  An example would be:


Deadlifts (15 reps) – Keep feet together, hold dumbbells in front of your legs. You’ll have a slight bend in your knees, then lock them in place.  Keeping your chest out, spine long (not allowing it to round), press your hips back as if someone had a string attached to your tailbone and was pulling it back, stretching the weights down your legs toward your feet.

Lat Pulldowns (15 reps) – Grab the bar with your hands just outside of shoulder width, pull the bar down toward your chest, while sitting up tall. Slowly let the bar go back up till your arms are almost at a full extension then repeat.

Rest 30 seconds and repeat for 4 rounds.



Front squats (15 reps) – Hold the weights in front of your chest, move your hips back as if you are reaching to sit in a chair, then sitting back into your heels start to squat down keeping your knees behind your toes.

Pushups (15 reps) – hands are just outside of your shoulders, bring your chest down between your hands, let your hips come down with you, keeping them locked between your shoulders and knees, then push yourself back up