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Miiego AL3+ Freedom Wireless Sport Headphones – review by

This is the first truly over-the-ear set of headphones we've reviewed on Jogger, without being over and in the ear. Check out our honest review


As someone who cannot work out without music – I just can’t find my rhythm without some tunes accompanying my work out – I am always up for trying out new headphones. I got the chance to try out the MIIEGO AL3+ Freedom headphones and thought to myself that maybe I should give over-the-ear headphones a chance instead of always sticking to in-ear headphones to see how the two differ.

I’ll be honest, over-the-ear headphones have never been my cup of tea as I can never quite reach the deafening volume I desire without annoying others around me with the faint echo of my music. but will these change my mind?

Are the AL3+ Freedom headphones easy to set-up?

As with all wireless headphones, there is always the concern that they will be super hard to set up but these headphones were a piece of cake to get going. They connected to my phone in no time although putting them on for the first time was a bit of a challenge.

It isn’t completely clear at first glance which way the headphones are meant to be facing and it did certainly take me a few goes to perfect the placement on my ears but I don’t know if this is just down to my own stupidity.
Do the AL3+ Freedom headphones move about whilst you work out?

The headphone wire does loop round the back of your ear which gives them slightly more stability although they do tend to bounce around a little bit when going for more intense workouts.

I found myself having to re-adjust the set a few times when running over a prolonged period of time and when doing my beloved squat jumps, they did fall off once but they are quick to pop back on without having to pause your workout for too long.

What features do AL3+ Freedom headphones have?

You can watch a video about these headphones and all of the features here:

I will give you a quick rundown though:

  • Long battery life of 11 hours
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Sweat proof and water resistant
  • Built-in microphone (so you’ll never miss an important call, even when working out in the gym)
  • Work with all Bluetooth devices

The headphones also come with a cute, circular pouch which makes them easy to transport around without worrying about breaking them.

Are the AL3+ Freedom headphones cheap?

These aren’t the cheapest on the market, and they certainly aren’t the cheapest we’ve reviewed. but they are by no means the most expensive we’ve reviewed either.

The AL3+ Freedom headphones will cost you £79 if you go direct and they come in Classic Black and Rose Gold on their website. We’ve seen people sporting a blue version but these aren’t for sale on the site – yet, at least.

Final review of the AL3+ Freedom headphones

For £79 through MIIEGO, or £59.96 through Amazon, the price isn’t too steep. If you do prefer your headphones to sit on your ear rather than in them, these could be the ones for you.

My heart will always be with in-ear headphones as I couldn’t quite achieve the volume I wanted with the AL3+ Freedom headphones without people next to me also being able to jam away to my music, but these weren’t half bad.

If you don’t want to deafen yourself whilst you work out, want a microphone to possibly speak to loved ones whilst you pump iron or just simply prefer over-the-ear headphones, these could be worth a try.

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