Are you more or less active since lockdown landed?


Some people seem to have taken the daily hour’s exercise rule quite literally during lockdown; in that they’ve been making sure they get out and move more. That’s according to latest research which has revealed that a quarter of adult Britons are more active since the start of the lockdown than they were previously, which is an encouraging sign when you think about how tempting sitting in front of the TV on the sofa all day can be.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly noticed that the pavements and roads are busier than ever right now with runners and cyclists, so perhaps lockdown has indeed given us the kick up the bum we need to focus on our fitness a little more.

The study of 2,000 people was conducted by topical pain relief specialists and delved into the impact the lockdown has been having on our motivation and fitness.

It turns out that it’s not just exercise we’ve turned our attention to either, because 63% said they had become more health conscious in general since the government told everybody to stay home to save lives and protect the NHS. It’s no surprise really; if there’s anything that’s going to make people sit up and pay attention to their health, it’s a pandemic.

One in five said they’d also started taking vitamins to support their immune system and that’s certainly not a bad idea at all. Back in April, Public Health England recommended people start supplementing vitamin D, aka the ‘sunshine vitamin’, throughout lockdown in order to compensate for not being outside as much.

The vitamin packs a punch when it comes to supporting the body’s immune system, so is important for COVID-19 defence! However, always do your research when it comes to supplementing to ensure you are taking the correct doses.

Although 28% of the people Biofreeze polled said they’d been more active during lockdown; they were actually in the minority; as 41% confessed to being less active and the rest said their exercise regime had remained largely unchanged.

So, what is it that’s making certain people more active during lockdown? Is it quite literally, as we said, that people were using the hour’s exercise rule as a must-do rather than a can-do? Well, the scores are in and they said…

  • It gives me something to do – 73%
  • I want to be fitter and there’s no time like the present – 67%
  • It helps the time go faster – 64%
  • I don’t want to gain too much weight – 58%
  • I am determined to make the most of being stuck inside – 47%

In terms of what they’ve been doing to stay active, everyone’s favourite fitness guru and all-round nice guy Joe Wicks has been a favourite with his daily P.E. sessions live on YouTube. YouTube and Instagram were popular platforms for those seeking free workout ideas (26%), and a quarter admitted to getting creative when it came to their home gym set-up; using regular household objects to act as weights. We’ve all been there with the tins of beans… am I right?

And if you’ve tried to purchase any fitness equipment during lockdown, it’ll come as no surprise to you that Biofreeze found 18% said they had been online to buy exercise gear like yoga mats and dumbells. In all honestly, we think it’s way more than that given how many stores are sold out!

The benefits of keeping active during lockdown are endless (provide everyone abides by the social distancing restrictions when out in public). Since the announcement on Sunday 10th May by BoJo himself, we’re now allowed to go out as much as we want to exercise and keep moving. Given how much of a vital role fitness plays in mental wellbeing, this is welcome news for many. 16% of the people who took part in the Biofreeze research said that being active, even when stuck indoors, had helped them to cope with their anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you’re currently on a lockdown fitness drive, keep up the good work; but if you’re struggling to find the motivation to get moving, don’t be too hard on yourself. These are tough times for everyone and the most important thing now is self-care. If for you that means a long soak in a bubble bath over a run around the block, so be it.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

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Shannon is a seasoned writer and also a fitness expert. A regular at her local gym and also the finisher of many a mud runner, Shannon is always up for trying something new when it comes to health and fitness.

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