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Native Whey Protein, Madagascan Vanilla – review

There are so many different proteins on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. We're working our way through reviewing them to help you out!

Protein-ShakesProtein shakes should be a staple item for anyone working out, beginner or athlete

Protein powder has become an absolute necessity for gym-goers across the globe and the market is rife with choice. There is practically every flavour imaginable available to us now, with varying levels of protein depending on the product. I’m fairly new to protein powders and when I have dipped my toes in the pool, which I thought was reserved only for the most hardcore of gym lovers, I usually stuck to MyProtein. However, today I’ll be talking about my experiences with the Native Whey Protein powder in Madagascan Vanilla, sold through Hellenia Healthfoods.

Native Whey Protein
What is Native Whey Protein?

The Native Whey is a microfiltered whey protein isolate with no added hormones, no antibodies and absolutely no cheesy residue.

New technology allowed The Native Whey to extract native whey protein directly from the milk of grass-fed cattle. The process requires low-temperature micro and ultra-filtration, different from the usual two-step, high-temperature pasteurisation process derived from cheese products.

The three key benefits are recovery, performance and power. I mean, if this doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will.

The Native Whey uses new technology to extract native whey protein
How does Native Whey Protein taste?

Whilst others may be able to put up with the powdery, weird taste of plain protein powder, I cannot. I need my protein to taste like a dessert to encourage me to actually consume it every day and, luckily for me, Hellenia Healthfoods nailed this with the Madagascan Vanilla flavour.

This protein powder smells and tastes absolutely sublime. The vanilla flavour packs a powerful punch. In fact, I would say it’s tastier than some vanilla ice creams I’ve had in the past.

I tried the powder with both milk and water and they were both great. Shaking with milk does give you a creamier taste but water is just as delicious (and slightly better for you.)

I enjoyed the taste of my shake so much that I’m looking to purchase their Belgium Chocolate flavour as soon as I run out of this one. I probably won’t go about purchasing the unflavoured as that doesn’t really appeal to me. Although, I suppose you could just blend and mix with fruits and seeds.

How much protein does the Native Whey Protein contain?

Most protein shakes contain around 21g of protein with every serving, but Native Whey decided to one-up the majority of products already on the market and pack a massive 23g in their recommended 25g serving. Impressive stuff.

Native Whey Protein claims to be 95% protein which means that more protein molecules can be used as fuel for our muscles and that they don’t need to add a bunch of unnecessary ingredients in.

I have found that, since I’ve started drinking shakes made with this product every day, my muscles certainly ache less than they usually do after a heavy workout. This is a huge win in my eyes.

This could be explained by the fact that this powder contains 15% more leucine (a branched chain amino acid vital for muscle protein synthesis) than most other products on the market.

Protein is key when working out, whether through shakes or food
Is it the Native Whey Protein easy to shake?

There is nothing as unpleasant as taking a sip of a freshly shaken protein shake and having a massive lump of powder land directly in your mouth. I’ve had this experience before with other products and I would not recommend it. However, I never once experienced powder lumps with this product.

Maybe I’ve gotten better at shaking up my water and powder, but I tend to think that it’s the product and not my ability.

All you need to enjoy a Native Whey shake properly is a shaker bottle, milk or water and 30 seconds of mixing time and you have yourself a delicious, lump-free protein drink.

How much does Native Whey Protein cost?

This powder is reasonable, which is always a plus from me, a self-proclaimed cheapskate. You can get 500g, which equals 20 servings, for £16 – which, for the taste and protein volume, is not bad at all.

It definitely isn’t the cheapest protein powder on the market, as many go for around £20-£30 for 1kg, but I think for the price you are getting a quality, tasty product.

Final verdict

The powerful flavour alone makes me want to buy this protein powder again. It isn’t the cheapest, but it contains more protein than many other products on the market and I’ll never have to fear lumpy shakes ever again, so it’s definitely worth the money.

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