NHS70 Virtual Run ‘7 For 70’ – everything you need to know, from what it is to how to get involved

Celebrating 70 years of the NHS, the NHS70 Virtual Run is open to runners of all abilities and will raise funds for NHS Charities Together

NHS70-Team-LGTThe NHS70 Virtual Run '7 For 70' is the brainchild of #TeamLGT
What is the NHS70 Virtual Run ‘7 For 70’?

Celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS,  everyone who has ever benefited from the NHS and it’s services are being encouraged to walk or run either 7 kilometers or 7 miles in order to raise money for the NHS Charities Together. The NHS70 Virtual Run allows you to carry out the run at a time and pace that suits you. You can even do it in the comfort of your local gym if you’d prefer that to walking, jogging or running your local streets.


#TeamLGT are the brains behind the NHS70 Virtual Run. They’re a running group made up of over 100x Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust staff. The team initially formed as part of the Trusts’ staff health and wellbeing programme and have since gone on to complete numerous events.

How do I enter the NHS70 Virtual Run?

You can enter the NHS70 Virtual Run by signing up via Go Virtual Racing; entries cost just £12 per person.

It’s worth noting that you have to submit proof that you’ve completed either 7km or 7m, but everyone that submits their information will be sent out a unique medal. Medals are being sent out from September onwards.

The NHS70 Virtual Run medal
Who benefits from the NHS70 Virtual Run?

It’s the job of NHS Charities Together to distribute the money raised around the whole of the UK.

Money raised from all NHS70 events will go towards research and development, providing state-of-the-art equipment and supporting the NHS staff who work tirelessly all year round.

How else can I get involved with NHS70?

Some events have already passed, such as the NHS Big 7Tea. But there are many ways you can get involved and do your bit for the NHS.

  • Give blood
  • Join the Organ Donor Register
  • Pledge to use NHS services wisely
  • Get involved in research projects
  • Volunteer

You can even look to join the NHS, whether that’s training to become a nurse or doctor, helping with admin or even working as a cleaner to keep hospitals and doctor’s surgeries clean and sterile. Every member of the NHS plays a vital role.

But mainly you can take care of yourself. And generally being fit and healthy is a sure fire way to keep you on top form. People who eat too much junk food, drink too much sugar or alcohol, smoke or generally don’t keep fit and healthy cost the NHS £11 BILLION a year! That money is definitely better off spent elsewhere, but we have to make a change to allow this to happen.

Not a fan of virtual runs?

Head on over to our Events Calendar to see what jogging or running events are coming up that are close to you.

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