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Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies Training Trainers – Review

Nike flex bijoux ladies trainers review

Nike-flex-bijoux-ladies-trainersNike-flex-bijoux-ladies-trainers got the low down from Gym addict Harriet Dalwood on the Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies Training Trainers to see if they were any good… The cheapest that we have seen these on the market is Amazon for £43.67. Here is what Harriet had to say…

The Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies Training Trainers were not my first choice when looking to purchase new trainers for the gym. I had my eye on another pair that was unfortunately sold out in my size due to high demand post-Christmas, however I am glad I ended up purchasing them as they truly are a great gym shoe.

Harriet Dalwood – Gym Addict and Instagram superstar

I needed a trainer that would be versatile as, when I head to the gym, I tend to do a bit of everything. Prior to getting my new Nikes, I was wearing Avia Avi Maximus Cross Trainers which were by no means awful but they had a habit of rubbing and becoming uncomfortable about half an hour into a session.

The final straw and the main reason I was on the hunt for new trainers was that, whilst wearing the Avia trainers, I managed to injure my calf on the treadmill. As a fairly new gym-goer, I assumed it was the way I was running as I can be heavy footed and clumsy but since getting the Flex Bijoux trainers I realise that it may have been my choice of footwear.

Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies trainer
Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies trainer

Since switching to Nike, I have been far more nimble on the treadmill – my feet don’t crash down nearly as a hard as they did before and my calf has been completely injury free thus far.

The Nike Flex Bijoux trainers are incredibly comfortable. They are ideal for those who have narrow feet as they fit like a glove; they’re snug and the foot feels well supported as soon as they are put on. Due to the slim nature of my foot, I often find that my shoes can feel lose, even if they are the correct size but I haven’t encountered this problem once with these trainers which is refreshing.

Due to them being such a perfect fit for narrow feet, it could mean that they are uncomfortably snug for those out who are wider set in the foot department but due to the shoe utilising flexible textiles all over, it allows for some stretch so I would think it would be agreeable for feet of all shapes and sizes.

The use of flexible, soft material on all parts of the shoe, bar the sole, means that bending your feet in every which way is possible and easy. This aspect makes them perfect for running, Zumba, Pilates and basically any activity which requires lots of feet movement.


The sole isn’t overly bouncy which may displease some people, but it has just enough spring to each step to give support and keep you fully invested in your workout.

Due to the material used and the snug fit, there was no break in time at all for me. The shoe fit to the form of my feet so perfectly that it almost felt like they were just part of my body. I was left with no blisters, which is a rarity as I’m usually left with a plethora when I break in new shoes, and they don’t rub at all.

I’ve had compliments in person about these trainers; two are from people I know and one was from a random person who works out at my gym. I also uploaded a picture of my new footwear to my Instagram which received a decent amount of likes and a few comments.

I personally think the trainers could be more eye-catching; the pop of purple does contrast pleasingly against the black but I am a sucker for bright colours and I would have liked another colour to have been added to the mix. For the price though (I purchased them for £33 in the sale) I definitely can’t complain. This is a personal preference and does not affect the overall performance of the shoe.

Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies trainer
Nike Flex Bijoux Ladies trainer

I believe these trainers have improved my training; I’m no longer worried I’m going to be injured when on the treadmill which has allowed me to stay pushing myself for longer periods of time. New threads and footwear always encourage me to go to the gym more but, three weeks on, the trainers still haven’t lost their appeal and feel as comfy as they did the first time I slipped them on. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you’re looking for new gym footwear without breaking the bank.

Andy Barr
the authorAndy Barr
Editorial Lead
Andy was late arriving into the world of fitness, running and training. He did not really take up regular gym going until he was in his late 30's. He lost over 7 stone in weight since starting and completed an olympic length triathlon in June 2018. He enjoys playing football, boxing and outdoor running.

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