‘Plogging’ – the latest international fitness phenomenon

Plogging is taking the fitness world by storm, with many wanting to get fit and do their bit for the planet.


If you are a keen jogger you will already be aware of the various benefits to your body and mind, but why not take this a step further and help the environment too by plogging?!

What is plogging?

Plogging is a combination of the two words ‘plocka upp’ (the Swedish term for ‘pick up’) and ‘jogging’. So, as you can imagine, it means to pick up whilst you’re out jogging. More specifically it means to pick up litter whilst you’re out jogging. Jog, squat, continue… it doesn’t get much simpler.

The Swedish exercise craze has been around for a while now but is really beginning to take the fitness community by storm, especially with more and more people wanting to do their bit to save the planet and combat rising obesity rates.

A 30-minute session of plogging could burn as many as 288 calories depending on your weight and size. Plogging will make your jog more interesting and a lot more satisfying; you’ll be no longer just be passing the endless pieces litter, you’ll be taking action. Minimal equipment is also required – just your running kit, a rubbish bag and some gloves to protect your hands. If carrying bags of rubbish doesn’t appeal to you, it is still possible to do your bit and just dispose of a few pieces of litter in various bins along your usual route.

In just one plogging session it’s surprising the amount of litter that can be removed from streets, parks, the countryside and beaches. A Californian plogger (Playaplogging) revealed in an Instagram post that in just a three-mile run she collected 60 straws and 6 balloons! That’s just insane. Beaches are the one place, above all else, you’d expect to be clean and tidy. But we’re slowly learning this isn’t the case.