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Puregym, Rightangled and the Virgin Money London Marathon – This week’s fitness news – Friday 26th April

Support-Runners-Of-London-MarathonGet down to London this weekend and support those running the London Marathon

First and foremost, good luck to each and every one of you taking part in this weekend’s Virgin Money London Marathon! If you’re stuck on music to keep you going, check out our recent post Spotify’s top playlists and podcasts for those running The London Marathon‘.

Moving on… we’ve trawled the internet and spoken to a lot of people to find you the latest, most interesting fitness news. From announcements and news to upcoming events, check it out!

General fitness announcements

According to a study by Puregym, if you work in Science & Mathematics, Construction or Beauty & Wellbeing, there’s a good chance you work out more than any other profession. Sadly though, there always has to be a bottom to these things, and those working in Health & Social Care, Retail & Customer Service and Engineering were found to be the least likely to work out.

Product launches you need if you’re into fitness!

NHS: Rightangled

There are a variety of DNA kits floating around at the moment that can give you interesting insight into your body – pros and cons, likes and dislikes. But there’s only one company backed by the NHS; Rightangled. They’ve just launched their brand new Wellness Pro DNA test which offers an unrivalled 360-degree insight into your genetic makeup.

What’s most interesting is that it offers unparalleled insight into your cardiovascular fitness, performance, diet and wellbeing. All of this will help you to make smarter and more informed decisions on your health, fitness and more. And all of this comes from a swab that’s delivered to your door and posted back.

The Wellness Pro DNA testing kit will set you back £249.00, but can you really put a price on knowing what does and doesn’t work for you?!



SIXPAD have launched some new training tights, allowing runners to optimise their training through an innovative fabric that applies moderate resistance to muscles, stimulating muscle activity to a level that is 1.3 times the normal level.

They are expensive, coming in at £135, so you should know before investing in a pair that the sizing is peculiar with this brand. You will need to go up a few sizes – women, for example, who are a UK size 12 will need to purchase LL (they’re not purposefully trying to body-shame – these leggings are designed for the body type of an average Japanese woman and the labels have not been modified for the UK market). Likewise, if you are tall you will want to factor this into the size you purchase, again going up another size.

Men can pick up the training tights on Amazon for a little over £100.

We have a pair for review and will be sure to let you know how we get on.

SIXPAD have moved into the apparel sector

Fitness events to attend

If you’re not doing anything this weekend, the only place to be is on the sidelines of the London Marathon! Get down, support your fellow runners, give them high fives and cheers and enjoy a great day out!

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