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Reviewing the Pivo Pod – a content creators new BFF

Pivo Pod man on bike filming

The Pivo Pod is a smartphone accessory that is perfect for content creators. It’s a motorised mount for your phone that uses motion tracking technology to capture professional-looking photos and videos – think of it as a fully automatic videographer. The Pivo Pod can be controlled by the easy-to-use remote control or through the Pivo app. 

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Pivo Pod to try out. This model boasts improved auto-tracking and rotation speed.

The Pivo Pod retails from £124.99 and is available from and Amazon UK.

The main purpose of the Pivo Pod is to seamlessly film, tracking body movement, cutting out the need for super expensive video equipment or trusting a friend to film your content properly. 

Overall look

Before we dive in deeper to the functions of the Pivo Pod and how well it performs, let’s first talk about packaging and overall look. Of course, the proof is always in the pudding and how well a product actually performs but we can’t deny that a good-looking product can sometimes be the reason for our initial purchase.

The Pivo Pod is sleek and stylish. It looks pretty simplistic, but I am a fan of its matte, soft touch finish that feels modern. The pod comes with a remote control, charging cable and user manual with easy-to-follow steps on how to set up your Pivo Pod. Other than one singular button to turn on and connect the pod, the Pivo Pod relies on its compatible remote or app control to perform all of its functions and features to give your hands. 

Let’s get into the real review – how well the Pivo Pod actually performs and if I think it’s worth the purchase.

User friendly 

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the most tech-savvy of people so I require gadgets that are easy-to-use and essentially fool-proof. The good news – I’d say the Pivo Pod is pretty user-friendly even for tech novices like me. 

The initial set up for the Pivo Pod was simple; download the app and connect your Pivo Pod through Bluetooth, accept all the correct permissions and voila – you’re in.  From the get-go the connection to the Pivo App begins tracking your movements, you can tap the screen to focus on the correct point to track and your away – easy hands-free filming. 

The remote control provided allows you to be in control of pausing, stopping, filming and the Pivo movement should you want to take over from the auto tracking capabilities.

While the use of the app makes working the pod simple with just a few screen taps needed to set up your desired filming and tracking speeds. 

Auto tracking

For me, the main selling point of the Pivo Pod is its auto tracking capabilities. Having a hands free, auto-tracking mount for my smartphone is a god sent when attempting to film videos for social media content. At first, I was sceptical of how smooth the tracking would be but it turns out it’s ultra-smooth with zero noticeable stutter. Making videos look professionally filmed with minimal effort.

You can choose between four separate auto-tracking options – face, body, horse and dog, meaning this device can pretty much be useful to film any video or photo content you may want to film. It seems to be mainly advertised to those capturing sport content but really the ability to track can be beneficial for anyone wanting to film on the move.

360-degree rotation 

Not only does the motion tracking make for easy videography but it also spins 360-degrees. This is especially great for those filming sporting videos as no matter where you move to the Pivo Pod can track your action. The Pivo Pod isn’t just for videos though, it also has the function of taking photos. The 360 rotation allows you to shoot 360-degree imagery and timelapses. Personally, I prefer the Pivo Pod for its filming capabilities but if you are a selfie taker looking for an easily portable mount to shoot your pics then the Pivo Pod can give you this. 

App and filming features

Reading the instructions the Pivo Pod says it boasts 12 quick create methods. After a lot of back and forth searching on the Pivo+ app I found that I had to download another app entirely, the Pivo Play app, to be able to access this.  Once the additional app was downloaded, I then had to re-log back into my Pivo account on the new app. Nothing awful, but a slightly irritating hoop to jump through.

However, once I finally found out how I could access the 12 quick create modes I had a lot of fun testing them out. The 12 modes include: Panorama, Many Me, Flash, Double Take, Versus, 50/50, Timelapse, Tiny Planet, Many Me Video, Magic Edge and Clone Trail. These create methods have a selection of fun video techniques to try out. The many me video was my favourite, allowing you to shoot a video of yourself clones in different positions. I think the quick create features would be especially useful for those who enjoy filming TikToks. 

As well as the quick create methods the Pivo Pod has a video call feature – this is a feature I can’t see myself using but if you’re someone that finds they constantly move during a video call, perhaps it could be something that interests you. Keep in mind this feature only works with the Pivo Pod video call app.

Final thoughts

The Pivo Pod is ultimately your own portable cameraman. No need to pester your friends to snap the best content for your socials, this easily portable device can help you create content on the go.

Content creators would find the Pivo Pod especially handy when filming tutorials, cooking videos of sporting content or anything that may benefit from its auto tracking. I used the Pivo Pod to film content for my own social channels and found it much easier that a static tripod. I enjoyed the way it auto tracked but in all honestly, I don’t believe I would ever explore using the Pivo Pod enough to understand the additional functions it brings. 

Would I spend the money on it myself? Maybe not, but this is an aspiring content creator’s new best friend. If you’re looking for an easy way to shoot your videos, or you just want to have some fun testing out some video techniques, then I would say the Pivo Pod is worth the splurge.

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