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Salomon Sense Ride W Trail Running Shoes – review

It's important to have a good pair of trainers when you're running, and I definitely recommend the Salomon Sense Ride W Trail Running Shoes

Salomon-Sense-Ride-W-TrailSalomon Sense Ride W Trail running shoes

I hadn’t heard of the Salomon brand until recently and now it seems like everyone on my Facebook is suddenly giving the brand’s page a ‘like’ and everyone down my local gym owns a pair of their trainers. After getting my hands on a pair of Salomon Sense Ride W trail running shoes, I can see why there’s suddenly been a flurry of interest in the cool sportswear brand.

A quick nosey around the Salomon website’s ‘about’ section shows me that the brand’s heritage is largely in the ski industry. But in the last decade or so they’ve branched out into a wider sportswear offering.

These days, Salomon is all about outdoor gear, footwear and accessories, alongside ski and snowboard gear.

I’m now the proud owner of some Salomon Sense Ride W trail running shoes and I’m here to tell you all about my experience of wearing them. These are first and foremost trail running shoes, but I’ve so far worn them for multiple activities; including (but not limited to) running, bootcamp, circuits, weight training and long walks.  I’m happy to report that they’ve stacked up pretty well across the board. Let’s get this review underway, shall we?

Salomon Sense Ride W Trail Running Shoes
Are Salomon trainers comfortable?

Yes, very. I’ve so far put around 30 running miles and numerous steps onto my Salomon Sense Ride W trainers and they haven’t rubbed once or given me any discomfort. There isn’t a blister in sight! They’ve got great cushioning and the back doesn’t come up too high, so there’s no cutting in there. They seem to hug the foot in all the right places, offering great support and stability through the whole foot and ankle.

What is the sizing of Salomon running shoes like?

I was advised that Salomon footwear, including the Sense Rise W trail running shoes, tends to be a bit on the snug side; and that I should order half a size up than what I’d normally wear. So, I opted for the women’s UK size 6.5 and they fit my usually size 6 tootsies perfectly. If I would’ve gone for a 6, there would’ve been trouble in paradise and I can’t promise that my previous report on comfort would’ve been anywhere near as good. So, be warned – buy half a size up.

What colours do Salomon running shoes come in?

The Sense Ride W trail running shoes come in three colours; teal, pink and purple. I opted for the teal colour, because it’s my absolute favourite and I have a lot of running leggings with this colour on, including a block print pair from H&M and my newish Gymshark Flex Leggings. I had a look at some of the other women’s footwear on offer and the men’s, as I’m thinking of getting the other half a pair, and they all come in a good variety of colours, so you’ll probably find yourself spoiled for choice.

The Salomon Sense Ride W trainers come in three colours
Are Salomon Sense Ride W Trail running shoes cheap?

No, they aren’t; but you shouldn’t expect a decent running shoe to be. Sure, you could pop to your local Sports Direct and grab a pair of cheap running shoes for a tenner, but you’ll probably end up with a sprained ankle, blisters aplenty and wear them out quicker than you can say “flippin’ heck these hurt my feet.”

The Salomon Rise W trail running shoes are £110.00, making them the most expensive pair in my collection. I’ve been guilty in the past of opting for low price over high performance, but I won’t be making that mistake again after wearing these bad boys. They are far superior to other trail running shoes I’ve worn for obstacle course races and long runs, but then again I haven’t done many of those (*cough* one *cough*). All in all, I think they could be a smidgen cheaper, maybe in the £80-£90 range or so, but they are pretty good value for money when it comes down to it.

What is Quicklace™ technology?

The Salomon Sense Ride W shoes don’t have traditional laces; instead, there’s a tough elastic bungee cord that zig zags through the fabric lace eyelets with a buckle at the top that enables the wear to tighten or loosen the fit. You slide the plastic buckle down the foot towards the front of the shoe once you reach the desired fit and this effectively ‘locks’ the bungee cord in place.

To hide the excess bit of cord and the small plastic buckle, there’s a tiny pocket in the tongue of the shoe, underneath the darker fabric and ‘S’ logo, which everything tucks up inside to keep it out of the way and off display. This gets major brownie points from me, because I’ve always been one to tie my laces behind the tongue of the trainer and tuck the bow into the shoe alongside my foot, which is really not practical and very uncomfortable, leading to lots of rubbing and discomfort. At best, I’d tie trainers on top of the tongue as normal and then tuck either side of the bow in, but that just looks daft. All in all, I’m a big fan of the Quicklace™ technology and what it does for the asthetics of the shoe and the comfort of the fit.

Here I am, training in the Salomon Sense Ride W Trail running shoes
1000 Mile Breeze Running Socks

I got the chance to try out some proper exercise socks… not just the sort I normally buy from Primark that my big toes end up poking out through once the fabric gives way. The 1000 Mile Breeze exercise socks are super comfortable and made the Salomon Sense Rise W shoes even better to wear (although, fear not – I have worn loads of other socks with them and they are just as comfy). The have a padded toe and heel to prevent blisters (and holes) and ventilation mesh to keep the tootsies cool during strenuous activity or long runs. Obviously, sweaty feet are an inevitable part of any workout, but these really help to let the feet breath (even though the fabric is thick). I got them in a medium, as I’m a size 6, and they fit perfectly. They come in different colour combinations and mine are blue, grey and lilac. They seemed to help reduce friction on runs and fit really nicely, and even though I’m not sure any sock has 1000 running miles in it, these would help you go a considerable distance in comfort, I’m sure.

1000 Mile Breeze Running Socks
Final Verdict

I really love the Salomon Sense Ride W Trail running shoes and the 1000 Mile Breeze socks and would definitely buy another pair of Salomon trainers in future; in fact, this has made me curious about their other products. If you’re after a brand that’s not one that man, woman and dog is currently wearing (disclaimer: they don’t do doggy shoes), jump on this now and be a trendsetter; because it won’t be long until everyone is wearing them.

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Shannon is a seasoned writer and also a fitness expert. A regular at her local gym and also the finisher of many a mud runner, Shannon is always up for trying something new when it comes to health and fitness.

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