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Sculptmode Compression Top Review

Can it really boost your workout, improve your green credentials, and make you look like a superhero?

Malcolm Bradbrook reviews the Sculptmode Compression Top and enjoy’s his daughter’s verdict on its appearance even more.

Why use compression gear?

Compression clothing is designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow to improve performance and shorten recovery time. Studies have shown an increase in oxygen uptake to working muscles, a reduction in blood lactate levels and improved warm ups. The evidence is sketchy on endurance events but shows improvements on explosive efforts such as gym work and interval training.

What is Sculptmode?

Sculptmode is a relatively new brand on the market. It describes it’s clothing as ‘athleisure’ which incorporates all of the latest technologies to help you on your way to breaking boundaries and pushing yourself to the limit.

The company recently announced that world famous model, fitness influencer and blogger Mariano Di Vaio will be the face of its brand. Mariano Di Vaio haa over 10 million followers across his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels and has modelled for Gucci and Hugo Boss.

How good is the Sculptmode Compression Top?

In short? Very good. It is snug yet not restrictive because it boasts material designed to flex four ways which makes it great for the gym and as a baselayer for a wintery run session. It keeps you warm but the mesh panels also help to regulate temperature and the wicking means you don’t up and overheating soggy mess.

Should I buy it?

Yes. I have three reasons for wanting to add it to your shopping list:

  1. It’s a great piece of sports kit (see above).
  2. Sculptmode also aims to be completely carbon neutral and 10 per cent of profits are donated to the World Wildlife Fund.
  3. My daughter said it made me look like an X-Man and hey, compliments are hard to come by these days.

Sculptmode Compression Top £25.00

Malcolm Bradbrook
the authorMalcolm Bradbrook
Senior Editor
Malcolm Bradbrook is a fitness journalist who competes, in a very mediocre way, in triathlon and running events. He loves running, hates spending money, and could have been a contender (maybe).

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