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Secret-London-RunsSecret London Runs

What are Secret London Runs?

Secret London Runs are exactly that; secret runs around London. They’re aimed at a group of runners-come-historians who want to indulge in a mix of culture and athleticism, crossing the city and stopping at various haunts and spots along the way.

You can’t experience London from a car, not really. Frankly, you can’t experience much from a car – but especially the winding lanes and hidden gems the capital has to offer. Secret London Runs, however, has the answer.

Of course, the first rule about Secret London Runs, is that you don’t talk about Secret London Runs.

Not really. The scheme already has thousands of members, combining group-running with historical sightseeing and a cheeky drink. Each of the runs are led by a guide who sets the pace and gives insight into the landmarks and points of interest you’ll pass on the way.

What are the different themes for Secret London Runs?

There are four categories: Liquid Tours, Women’s History, Dark London and Seasonal Running.

You can pick and choose your trail of choice; they’re all based around London’s history, so it covers pretty much everything from coffee to sex and even The Shard.

Specifically, the themes include:

  1. The Secret Gin Run (10k)
  2. Sex and Scandal (10K)
  3. Jack the Ripper (10K)
  4. Craft Beers of the East End (8K)
  5. London’s Coffee Revolution (8K)
  6. The Magic of the London Marathon (11m)
  7. London’s Power Women (5K & 10K)
  8. The Great Fire of London (5K)
  9. Power Women of the East End (10K)
  10. In the Shadow of the Shard (6K)

The Liquid Tours get you up and about, running between noted distilleries and pubs around London. If you can pull yourself away, the finish line has a cold gin, craft beer or artisan coffee awaiting you, which depends on the tour.

Women’s History covers the achievements of the women who built and shaped London, including the Suffragettes of the East End who demanded change in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Dark London reveals the capitals shadowy past, full of serial killers, dark alleys and smut. You can explore the infamous Whitechapel murders in 1888, following the path of Jack the Ripper.

It’s hard to make Seasonal Running tours stand up to serial killers and suffragettes, but, should you fancy a Christmas-jog or a guided run of the London Marathon, this is for you.

When do Secret London Runs happen?

You’ve got a few options here, as you can hop on to a weekly or monthly tour, or, if you want a personal experience you can book a private run. Themed runs take place all year round, so keep an eye out and your calendar clear to ensure a spot on your preferred excursion.

There’s a weekly 5k Street Art Tour, Wednesdays at 6:30AM. All abilities are welcome, and the crack-of-dawn can paint London in an entirely new light – provided you can drag yourself out of bed.

The themed tours are seasonal, but rest assured there will be something to sate your historical/cardio needs.

Choose a private run and it’ll be tapered to your needs. That means duration, start and end destinations and the history you want to learn about.

How much does it cost to get involved with Secret London Runs?

The cost really does depend on what tour you want to book onto. Prices at the moment on the site are:

Liquid Tours
  • Secret Gin Run – £24.00*
  • Craft Beer Run – £29.00*
  • London’s Coffee Revolution – £25.00
Liquid Tours, Secret London Runs
Women’s History Tours
  • London’s Power Women – £19.00
  • Power Women of the East End – £15.00*
Women's History Tours, Secret London Runs
Dark London Running Tours
  • The Great Fire of London – £12.00*
  • Sex and Scandal – £21.00*
  • Jack the Ripper – £17.00*
  • In the Shadow of the Shard – £12.00*
Dark London Running Tours, Secret London Runs
Seasonal Running Tours
  • Yule Log – Christmas Lights Running Tour – 2019 dates/prices are TBC
  • The Magic of the London Marathon – £25.00

*The above prices are early bird prices and they will rise closer to the event by a few pounds.

You can also choose a season pass to suit your needs. There are a few available:

  • Power women running tours season pass – £25.00
  • 3-tour season pass (no liquid tours) – £45.00
  • 3-tour season pass (inc 1x liquid tour) – £59.00
  • 5-tour season pass – £79.00

You can also purchase gift vouchers, ranging from just £12.00 to £29.00.

Not for you?

Be sure to check out our Events Calendar to see what other running events are coming up in an area near you this year!

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