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SiS Protein20 Bar – certified vegan – review

protein20 bar science in sport

We were excited when the SiS Protein20 Bar landed at the office. As we all know protein bars are great for protecting the feeling of fullness for longer, helping you resist temptation when it comes to nutritionally low value, snack alternatives. Most supplements today are also packed with vitamins and minerals, not just supporting your macro count but offering a support for any underlying deficiencies.

They’re a perfect, hassle free and on the go bite to boost your energy levels and satisfy your appetite at anytime throughout the day. Currently priced at £26.40 for 12 bars (20% off) direct from the Science in Sports website this works out at a very reasonable £2.20 per bar which is very affordable, especially compared to its lesser, in our opinion, competitors.

For those so inclined, you can also buy these bars for £26.99 from Amazon, right here.

Back to the reviews! As someone who eats a mixed diet of animal and vegan foods, I was super eager to try their salted caramel snack and judge if I could tell the difference. The inner part of the bar was a truffle texture and smooth, milk alternative, chocolate coating. You know a protein bar meets the mark when it tastes like a dessert, and not a desert.

The Protein20 Bar protein snack doesn’t compromise on nutritional value either, with this being the SiS niche in all its products. Fuelled by a science backed recipe, the taste is just a bonus. Featuring 20 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbohydrates and less than 0.8g of sugar per 270Kcal bar; this makes for a nutritionally packed, lean snack with your optimum health and satisfaction being priority.

Science in Sport Protein20 Bar

The secret to a winning protein snack is its ingredients, something that might taste great could run the risk of not being the most beneficial for your nutritional goals. For instance, if a bar is high in sugars and saturated fats it could mean the quality of its primary ingredients is low. SiS Protein20 have less than 1g of sugar per bar and is a relatively low calorie snack considering its 22g protein content. This cuts out any excess, unnecessary calorie consumption from nutritionally poor macros, with protein consumption being its main goal to work with your body – and not reverse its progress.

More complex than most carbs, protein can often be harder to digest which means it stays in your stomach for longer plus increases fullness. This can provide a hugely effective, but simple crave crusher, if you’re satisfied for longer, you’re less likely to opt for snacks with hidden calories and exceeding a deficit if you’re on one. But how much protein should we be consuming? Of course, this varies between people and your individual goals. For a high protein diet, foe example those looking to build or maintain muscle mass, should aim for 0.8g-1.5g per kg of bodyweight. Complemented by a consistent exercise regime… You’re on to a winner!

A fast and convenient source of protein from pumpkin, soya and pea, SiS Protein20 delivers a unique confectionary bar that feels like a cheat treat and protects your macros.

The battle between animal and plant-based protein supplements has never been more competitive. Whether you’re someone who favours taste over nutritional value or vise versa, SiS consider both with their Protein20 range. I often struggle with the dense, dry mouth feel protein bars currently on the market leave you with. However, you put your differences aside to hit those macros, right? Sometimes, it’s the act of eating the protein snack that feels like the more intense calorie burner than the training you just finished.

You don’t get that dry mouth feeling when eating the Protein20 Bar, it tastes like a mainstream treat but carries none of the evil ingredients you would association with a normal chocolate bar based snack.

The formula is simple, repeated muscle damage partnered with protein consumption results in muscle growth. Some people might struggle to hit their protein goals, especially if they’re training heavy and have certain macros to meet. This is why protein packed bars can be an ideal alternative to a full plate of food, giving you a complete nutritional profile with an extra boost in that precious P to keep you going. But what’s not so simple is choosing your go-to post workout snack you can’t wait to devour after training, and not with something that’s underwhelming and leaves you craving something else.

If you’re seeking a beyond satisfying protein substitute to harness your palette as much as your muscle rebuild and recovery, The Protein20 Bar by SiS is your go to brand. The treat you crave without the cheat, wrapped with goal matched macros to deliver a protein snack perfection.

Lucy Parish, reviewer

The Reviewer

Lucy is a committed fitness fanatic who goes to the gym every day and thinks Rest Days are for the weak. She is always keen to try out the latest sporting or fitness trends and really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and diets that contribute and support a strong fitness regime and enriched lifestyle.

Lucy Parish
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Andy was late arriving into the world of fitness, running and training. He did not really take up regular gym going until he was in his late 30's. He lost over 7 stone in weight since starting and completed an olympic length triathlon in June 2018. He enjoys playing football, boxing and outdoor running.

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