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Special K, Lucozade and lots of new fitness events- this week’s fitness news – Friday 31st August

We've compiled the week's hottest fitness news, events and discounts

Lucozade-Trialling-Ooho-Plastic-FreeLucozade are trialling plastic-free sports drinks and gels

Lucozade are looking to trial plastic-free drinks and there are LOTS of summer activewear sales on right now. What more could you possibly want in today’s fitness news roundup?!

General fitness announcements

In a bid to help people be fit and healthy, Special K have launched an Alexa Skill. The Skill provides users with positive daily hints and tips on nutrition, helping people make positive choices about food. Tips include how to up your iron intake and the best food items for Vitamin B, as well as educating on different kinds of carbs and fats.

Lucozade Sport are due to trail plastic-free edible packaging at the Richmond Marathon and Tuogh Mudder in West Sussex next next month. We all saw the adverts for Oohos earlier this year where water is put inside an edible membrane – well, that’s exactly what Lucozade plan to try. They’ve teamed up with Skipping Rocks Lab to trial their Ooho product, encasing sports drinks and gels inside the edible seaweed layer.

The plastic-free sports drink will be made with an edible seaweed extract
Fitness events to attend

We’ve added lots of new running events to our Events Calendar this week. Highlights include:

This week’s top fitness offers and discounts

There’s a lot of fitness and activewear sales on right now. Be sure to take advantage if you need to update your wardrobe!

Myprotein have a female summer clothing sale and a male summer clothing sale. The cheapest product available is just £3.19, including t-shirts, shorts, leggings and even jackets.

Many people don’t realise, but Boohoo also have a fantastic fitness range, with a sale on some of their men’s activewear right now.

Finally, Sports Direct have a sale on 480 running products, with brands including Adidas, Nike, Puma and Under Amour.

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