Tackling Mental Health Stigmas Through Running – Stuart Amory’s ‘The Run Of Gratitude’ 500 Mile Run

By running 500 miles, from London to Scotland, Stuart Amory hopes to raise awareness of mental health and valuable funds for mental health charity, MIND

Stuart-Amory-Celeb-PT-The-Run-Of-GratitudeCelebrity PT, Stuart Amory, is running 500 miles to help tackle the stigma surrounding mental health
Who is Stuart Amory?

Stuart Amory, Saucony UK Ambassador and celebrity PT, is currently attempting to run 50k a day for 17 days. He’s running ‘The Run Of Gratitude’ from London to Scotland to tackle the stigma against mental health and encourage more men to talk about their wellbeing.

You’ve probably already seen Stuart Amory on your TV giving fitness advice, or read his work in newspapers and fitness magazines. Now though, you see him in real life and actively help him to raise money for mental health charity MIND.

Stuart is a Saucony UK ambassador and celebrity PT

Stuart has openly talked about his mental health and life challenges in the past. He has also worked with clients who have suffered with their own mental health problems. Alongside all of this, he’s also undertaken some gruelling other challenges in previous years. In 2015, at 40 years old, he did an Ironman Triathlon and ran 138 miles over five days.

He’s very open about his emotions and state of mind and he hopes to lift the stigma about mental health. The aim is to spread awareness of the illness and encourage men to open up about the ‘Silent killer’.

What is The Run Of Gratitude project?

Supported by Up and Running, The Run Of Gratitude will see Stuart run 500 miles from his home in London to his girlfriend’s home in Aberdeenshire. He began running on the 30th July and is currently in week two of his run.

I was listening to 500 miles by the Proclaimers and thought, Sara live 500 miles away, I should run up to her.

The purpose of The Run Of Gratitude is exactly that: to show gratitude for the things in life that we too often take for granted. for Stuart, that’s his physical health, support of friends and family and successful career.

How can I get involved with The Run Of Gratitude?

Stuart needs all the help he can get. Whether that’s by visiting The Run Of Gratitude website and tracking his progress, sending him encouraging words on Facebook ‘Stuart Amory, Personal Trainer‘ or Twitter @StuartAmoryPT or even donate to his JustGiving page  and to the mental health charity, MIND.

Stuart has managed to raise over £4,500 already and still has  a few days left to go.  It’s safe to say he’s accomplished something that the majority of us would struggle with. And he’s not done just yet, he’s hoping to finish on the 15th.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can even track Stuart’s progress and run a mile or two with him. Not only will this help to spur him along, but it will help to show him he’s not alone.

Alternatively, you can turn up at an Up & Running shop in Stuart’s location at the end of each day to see the man himself and give him some words of encouragement. They’re posting regularly on their Facebook pages, so take a look to see when he’s at a shop near you.

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