Tashi Skervin-Clarke, EastNine Coach – My Lockdown Workout

Tashi Skervin-Clarke shares her My Lockdown WorkoutTashi Skervin-Clarke shares her My Lockdown Workout

Tashi Skervin-Clarke is the creator of TSC Method, a personal trainer and an EastNine Coach. And today she’s our featured guest for the My Lockdown Workout series…

Tashi Skervin-Clarke, EastNine Coach and creator of TSC Method

How did you get into fitness?

My fitness journey started properly when I was at college. I had all this time on my hands in between studying and working a part-time job so I decided to join a gym. I ran track as a child so that was something I was used to but using machines and free weights was completely alien to me.

That was over 11 years ago and since then I’ve fallen in love with weight training and embarked on a career as a personal trainer.

I’ve trained pretty much consistently throughout those 11 years, without any injury. Fitness has helped me to structure my life and give me a purpose. It’s very much my lifestyle, through which I’ve made friends for life and it’s given me confidence that years at drama school never did.

What is one of your favourite lockdown workouts?

I love compound exercises. Anything that works multiple muscle groups is a big ‘yes’ for me and my favourite is the deadlifts. It’s one of the best exercises to build strength throughout your entire body.

I also focus on having a strong starting position. I drive my heels in the ground and make sure I can feel the tension in my legs before I use my legs to drive the weight up off the ground. I usually do six reps at a heavier weight if I am in a strength phase or 8 -12 reps at a moderate weight if I’m in a conditioning phase. The rest period varies depending on the goal of the exercise.