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The best waterproof running jackets

If you're a runner that prefers the reality of the outdoors over the warmth of the gym, you're going to want a waterproof running jacket as we head into the winter - and we've handpicked some of the best for men and women

Best-Waterproof-Running-JacketsOutdoor runners want the best waterproof running jackets as we head into the winter

There are some runners who, even when it’s raining, still prefer to get outdoors to get their runs and jogs in. The warmth safety of a gym treadmill isn’t enough of a challenge, they need the harsh roads, streetlights and beautiful scenery around them to motivate them onwards. If you’re one of those runners, you’re going to want to invest in the best waterproof running jackets that will help you to navigate the weather and get through your run – and we’ve found some of the best available.

Kalenji Run Rain Running Jacket
(female and male) Kalenji Run Rain Running Jacket

Kalenji is well known as a runner’s brand, constantly releasing products to keep runners well prepared for all weathers. These jackets are waterproof for up to one hour (presumably during bad rain) and are both fashionable. The hems are ruched to keep the weather conditions out, there’s plenty of reflective material and the hood is a perfect fit to keep you dry and cool.

The female Kalenji Run Rain Running Jacket comes in white white black, grey and white patterned sleeves and hood. It’s currently 20% off via Decathlon for just £19.99. Sizes range from 8 to 18, encompassing many body shapes and sizes which is always nice to see.

The male Kalenji Run Rain Running Jacket is all over stripey grey and is also currently reduced to £19.99. There are five sizes available, from S to 2XL.

Ronhill Infinity Nightfall Jacket
(female and male) Ronhill Infinity Nightfall Jacket

Ronhill’s Infinity Nightfall Jacket is both sleek and stylish, and both waterproof and windproof. The jacket incorporates Aqualite fabric, perfect for keeping you warm yet cool whilst battling the elements.

The female Ronhill Infinity Nightfall Jacket incorporates purple and pink detailing, on the front and back. It’s available to purchase through Wiggle at 30% off – £108.50. Sizes range from 8 to 16.

The male Ronhill Infinity Nightfall Jacket also incorporates a little of the purple detailing, but is predominantly black. Available also through Wiggle at £155.00, men can purchase this jacket from Small to Extra Large.

Karrimor XLite Shell Running Jacket
(female and male) Karrimor XLite Shell Running Jacket

Karrimor’s lightweight