The National Running Show: everything you need to know

The 2018 National Running Show won awards, so expect 2019 to be bigger and better

The-National-Running-Show-UKThe National Running Show returns in 2019

From the 19th – 20th January 2019 you could be attending the award-winning National Running Show at the NEC Birmingham. Covering the floor will be brands, speakers, panels and nutrition advice – and even better, it’s currently free to attend for the entire weekend!

The show received the Best Consumer Show Launch at the AEO Excellence Awards 2018. The AEO Excellence Awards reward the best in the events industry. Considering the show only launched in 2018, to have won award already they must be doing something right.

What is the National Running Show?

It’s the biggest independent running exhibition in the UK, where the biggest brands come together to showcase their products and services, from trainers and clothing to food and workout equipment. There are already over 80 brands signed on to attend the 2019 exhibition, including Asics, Cannonball, Naked: Runner and runr.

Whether you go for a run on the odd occasion, you like to run regularly, or you run competitively, this show is well worth attending. Next year’s show will be even bigger and better. More floor space, more interactive elements and bigger brands from within the industry!

What’s on sale at the National Running Show?

If you’re looking for a new running wardrobe there will be endless possibilities of some of the most high-tech sportswear on the market. Exhibitors include Bosom Buddies, CEP Sportswear and Hilly Socks. Most of these brands operate primarily online and the opportunity to view the clothes in person could reassure you of the high-quality materials used and get an idea of size if you are nervous about ordering online. There will also will be the chance to buy items at the event with plenty of stocks available.

Will nutrition be covered at the National Running Show?

Nutrition is a huge part of being a runner and can help to make your training even more worthwhile. The show will have its own ‘Nutrition Advice Zone’ where various nutritionists and dieticians will be available to chat to. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain meal ideas and useful handouts with extra information to improve your own training. The event has various nutrition-related exhibitors, names include; Hello Fresh, Kate Percy’s Go Faster Food and Beet It Sport.

Speak to nutritionists and dieticians at next year’s National Running Show
What else is there to do at the National Running Show?

If you’re someone who wants to get more into the running community, there are plenty of chances to do so. RunMummyRun will be at the event, they’re a Facebook group with now over 55,000 women who chat, motivate and support each other. Another exhibitor is Virtual Runner UK. The website allows you to participate in races wherever you are in the world. There’s no need to travel to participate and you can run when it suits you.

For those just starting this could be just what you need to motivate yourself to keep going without the intimidation of participating in a real-life event or, if you have a busy life, you can take part when you do have the time. If you get a buzz out of participating in real-life races there will be various opportunities to sign up, with exhibitors including the Greater Manchester Marathon and the Ealing Half Marathon.

Is worth going to the National Running Show if I’ve been before?

If you went this year it is still worth attending next year as there are plenty of new exhibits and no doubt more brands will be looking to get onboard. The ‘Sweat Test Zone’ measures the amount of sodium in your sweat and will help you build a personalised hydration plan. Run 3D will also be carrying out free musculoskeletal tests to measure the strength of your muscles or the range of motion of your joints. There are exhibitors that have not yet had their details announced, including the ‘Running Skills Theatre’ and the ‘Test Track’.

And, we almost forgot to mention, Paula Radcliffe MBE is going to be a keynote speaker on the Sunday next year!

Paula Radcliffe will be a keynote speaker at the 2019 National Running Show

Next year’s show will also include an ‘Ask The Experts’ feature which proved particularly popular earlier this year. Early birds have the chance to book a short 1-2-1 coaching session with some of the biggest names in running.

Another interactive element the show will provide is 3D Gait Analysis carried out by Run3D. Running briskly on a treadmill, the technology processes the runners movements and analyses them. Injured or uninjured, different products can be recommended to help you run in a way that is best for you. Previously, this technology was only available for elite athletes to take advantage of.

How do I book tickets for the National Running Show?

The National Running Show is the UK’s first non-race affiliated event solely for runners. Ticket registrations for 2019 reached 17,500 in the first two weeks of opening; you don’t want to miss out on going to the show, that we’re sure of!

Head on over to the National Running Show website to secure your free weekend ticket. But be quick, we’re not sure when the tickets go from free to £10 for a weekend pass. Comment below if you’re going – we may see you there!

If you’re keen to take part in running events in the meantime, head on over to our Event’s Calendar to see what’s coming up! And don’t forget that entry to the Loch Ness Marathon closes on Sunday.

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