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The Simplyhealth Canine Run allows you to run with mans best friend

The first of its kind in the UK, the Simplyhealth Canine Run is a 2.5k run for owners and their pooches

Laura-Muir-Simplyhealth-Canine-RunLaura Muir and Simplyhealth have announced the first Canine Run

Dog owners find themselves constantly out walking, jogging and running with their dogs, so it’s about time there was a race event they could both get involved in. The Canine Run is the first of its kind and is definitely going to set a presedent.

What is the Canine Run?

GB 1500m record holder Laura Muir has teamed up with Simplyhealth in order to launch the very first Canine Run. This event is part of the Great Run Series which covers off 5k, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon and marathon runs across the UK.

The 2.5k run will take place at 9am on Saturday 20th October, during the Great South Run weekend, starting and finishing at Clarence Espanade, located at the Southsea in Portsmouth. The event intends to attract over 100 four-legged humans and their owners.

The Canine Run is the first of its kind in the UK
Who are Simplyhealth?

Simplyhealth are the leading provider of health cash plans, Denplan dental payments plans and pet health plans for 146 years. They believe in helping people make the most of their life through better everyday health. In doing so, they help a staggering 3 million people in the UK access the health and care products at most importantly a price they can afford.

What’s more, Simplyhealth have donated 10% of their pre-tax profits to health-related charities, adding up to over £1 million in 2017 alone. Their chosen charity for 2018 is the mental health charity, Mind.

What is this event going to promote?

The Canine Run is the first ever run including pets. The event aims to promote health and wellbeing and is the perfect opportunity to get the family pet involved. After all, dogs love running just as much (if not more) than we do!

Laura has recently qualified as a vet and says, “It’s vital that dogs get plenty of fun and safe exercise with their owners, and for some breeds changing the usual walk to a run can be a really positive sensory experience.”

Dogs love to run as much as we do
Can my dog run in the Canine Run?

There are a few rules that you must adhere to if you want to enter the Canine Run. The canine checklist is as follows:

  • At least one year old
  • Fit, healthy and can run 2.5km
  • Sociable with other dogs and humans
  • Not in season
  • On a lead or harness at all times
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Wearing name tag and collar

Some dog owners may not know if their dog is fit enough to run 2.5k, in which case get your pooch booked into the vets.

How do I prepare my dog for the Canine Run?

It is important that you do exercise with your dog that is suitable for their breed, age and health. It is advised that if your dog isn’t used to walking 2.5k then make sure to build up walks a few weeks or even months beforehand so your dog can get used to the distance. This also works in the same way as preparing your dog in terms of progressing from a normal walk to a brisk walk and finally into a jog ahead of the event.

Above all else, make sure your dog is enjoying the experience.

Dogs need to train just like humans do, starting out small and building it up
Will there be vets on-site?

Yes, there will be several vets on-site throughout the day who will be able to deal with any emergencies.

Are there any other events happening on the day?
  • The Great South 5k starts at 10:30
  • The Junior and Mini Great South Run starts at 13:00 for girls and 13:45 for boys
How do I enter the Canine Run?

The Simplyhealth Canine Run is taking place on Saturday 20th October and those who want to get involved simply need to visit https://www.greatrun.org/great-south-run/canine-run and sign up. There is an entry fee of per owner.

It’s important to note that all runners must be 18 years old or over and each runner can only have one dog with them.

Important times

The race starts at 9:00 but all times are subject to change.

There are two other events that follow that are worth sticking around for.

The Canine Run location

Clarence Esplanade, Southsea, Portsmouth (opposite the skate park)

What do we get for entering the Canine Run?

Once you and your dog have crossed the finish line, you both have access to some goodies. All dogs will be rewarded with a collar tag and a treat. While the owners will be rewarded with Simplyhealth Canine Run t-shirt.

If you’re unable to attend this event, keep an eye on our Events Calendar for other events that may work for you.

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