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Review of UA Sportstyle Pique training trousers by Under Armour

Under Armour's Sportstyle Pique training trouser have been put through their paces by yours truly and here's what I thought.

Under Armour SportstyleUnder Armour Sportstyle Pique training pants
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Under Armour have been a well-established brand for athletes for many years now and that experience is obvious in the quality of their products. In recent times the new face of Under Armour, recently unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, has up-marketed the sports fashionista powerhouse as a much more contemporary company. Providing comfortable wear for athletes and couch potatoes.

Not too long ago I bought a pair of Under Armour’s Sportstyle workout pants. I predominantly use them for the gym but when the weather’s kind, I’ll sometimes treat them to some work outside. They’re comfy, stylish and well priced but here’s my more in-depth review.

Under Armour
Under Armour’s Sportstyle Pique pants in ‘Gray’.

The pants retail at £36 but I managed to nab mine for a bit less.  The cost of the product is justified in its quality. Breathable, durable and easy to clean. Pockets plenty deep enough to hold your phone or other devices but what would make these even better? Zipped pockets. I always train to music so having zipped pockets is almost a must-have for me. My tech hasn’t come spluttering out my pockets as of yet but every time  I train I’m always extra cautious.

I was more than happy paying the money I had for them. If I had paid full whack then I might have been more inclined to shop around but after using them for the first time, I would never have given the price a second thought.


The joggers are extremely comfortable to wear generally although I’m not sure I’d recommend them for runners. I thought they were dreamy for gym work but on the tarmac, their loose quad fit made me feel like a parasail from time to time.

For my work in the gym, the looser fit around the top makes them very comfortable and unrestrictive performing any exercise. I’m confident getting low on my squats that there won’t be any unexpected rips, saving the consequent tears.

Another big selling point for these joggers is that they are generally comfy for everything. I’ve had training pants before that are made to be ‘worked out’ in. This sometimes means the more rugged, harder waring materials can be uncomfortable if you want a lazy around in them at home. The Sportstyle Pique from Under Armour however work everywhere.


I’ve had these for about half a year now and you could still put them straight back on the hanger. They look great. You can virtually wipe them clean. They dry very quickly which helps keep you on top of the dirt if only my stove could do the same. They’re showing no obvious signs of wear, no discolouration and not a single frailing fibres.

Under Armour Sportstyle
Under Armour Sportstyle Pique training pants

To give you that stylish and comfortable tapered look there are zips up the ankles which means you can choose to wear them loose or tight, depending on what you fancy.  They come in a variety of colours to suit any mood and match any whacky workout outfits out there. If you prefer a more discrete trouser, there are options of solid colour with no coloured trim or if you’re looking for something a bit more outrageous you can work with the two-tones.

Although this isn’t the end of the world. There are plenty of other products available to secure your phones so I wouldn’t say this is a deal breaker.

Joe Tucker
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