What are the benefits of coconut oil?

The-Benefits-Of-Coconut-OilThe benefits of coconut oil and how you can get it into your diet

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

Today, people are going mad for coconut oil.Not only does it have multiple uses compared to some other products, you can use coconut oil on pretty much anything. From covering your face to running it through your hair and plastering it on your teeth to being used a stubborn fat burner; there isn’t really a reason as to why you shouldn’t be using this natural product daily.

Coconut oil contains a natural saturated fat that gives you the good HDL cholesterol in your body.  HDL cholesterol takes away the bad cholesterol from the parts of your body where it doesn’t belong. It also reduces, recycles and reuses the bad cholesterol, but let’s not forget that good and bad cholesterol is also an essential fat for the body.

What are the benefits of eating coconut oil?

By eating coconut oil, your metabolism gets a good, much needed boost as well as absorbing vitamins A, D and E and minerals better than any other foods. It also helps with digestion, and reduces inflammation within the gut. Coconut oil also freshens breath and can help with some forms of stomach cancers.

We had a look at a variety of coconut bars from Cocofina that could be used before and during intense workouts. With a pack of 12 for £17.88 and further discounts on your first order, we think the following are a good buy for a workout or as a light snack between meals.

Coconut and Cocoa

Calories: 148 per bar

With no added sugar and 99% raisins within its ingredients, each bar contains 27.5% coconut which makes this is a great snack to eat before or during a workout. The fleshy coconut texture makes this a guilt free snack.


Coconut and Date 

Calories: 143 per bar

With slightly higher coconut content, this date bar is a nutrition filled goodness bar is a great filler between meals. Dates are also good for fibre, so these ones are a good one to stock up on.


Coconut and Pineapple

Calories: 143 Calories per bar

A bar with pure pineapple infusion. Increase your workout by snacking on this coconut and pineapple bar. With pineapple being a good source of increasing recovery time, it would be hard to say no to this fruity snack.


Coconut and Mango

Calories: 146 per bar

With 35% mango, this bar is great for helping with digestion. With four organic ingredients, this holiday-infused bar will have you working harder in no time!


How can I add more coconut into my diet?

Cook with it

You can add more coconut into your diet by doing a number of things. You can first introduce more coconut by cooking with it. Opting for coconut oil over your usual vegetable oil or butter not only makes a better nutritional choice, it is also a good calorie cruncher as it makes you less hungry compared to other oils.

Add it to other foods

Whether you’re adding it to your morning oatmeal or you’re adding it to your lunchtime yoghurt, adding coconut to your daily meals is a great way to add more of it to your diet overall. Whether it’s adding it to your smoothie, or just eating chunks of it as a healthy snack, you’ll see benefits of it in no time!

Drink it!

Swap your normal bottled water for coconut water! Not only is it full of antioxidants and prevents kidney stones, it supports heart health and reduces blood pressure!

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