What are the best high protein bars on the market?

We've tried and tested a number of protein bars and picked out three that we consider to be great; The Primal Pantry, Barebells and Optimum Nutrition

High-Protein-Energy-BarsHigh Protein Energy Bars

Gym lovers, fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes all use protein bars as a go-to snack to curb their cravings as well as to aid their recovery after working out. They’re better than energy bars as they’re typically lower in carbs, they’re better than meal replacement bars as they contain less vitamins and dietary minerals, and they’re significantly higher in protein than the others.

With so many different protein bars on the market, we handpicked a number of popular brands and found three that we love, love, love…

The Primal Pantry

Suzie Walker set up The Primal Pantry back in 2013 in a bid to get people making better snack choices; armed with a blender, some fruit,  nuts and spices, the business grew from strength to strength. When

The bars are completely natural and good for a healthy lifestyle and diet, and the high protein bars contain 15g plant protein – especially good for those not interested in whey protein.

You can purchase two different types of bars in a variety of flavours:

Primal Bars

You can also purchase a 5x bar Primal Taster Box for £6.99 and a mixed box of 18x Primal Bars for £27.

High Protein bars

You can also purchase a 4x bar Protein Taster Box for £7.99 and a mixed box of 15x for £27.

What’s more, if you wanted to make them from home then you’ll even be armed with the recipes to do so. But that requires time and energy. Sign up the site’s newsletter and you can also get 20% off your first order.

The Primal Pantry


A relatively new brand, Barebells launched in 2016 to help us give in to our cravings with guilt-free treats that don’t feel so guilt free. All protein bars are low in sugar, contain 20g of protein and are covered in chocolate – something which most other protein bars are lacking. If you want even more protein and a different way of getting in you, they also do milkshakes with 24g of protein in.

Barebells Protein Bars
Barebells Milkshakes

Heads up – these are one of the nicest protein bars I’ve ever come across! The white chocolate almond  Barebells protein bar is definitely in my top three protein bars!

Whilst you can’t buy from the Barebells website, they are available in a variety of gyms, sports nutrition stores, healthy food cafes and so on. Alternatively, you can just buy from Amazon through the handy links above!


Optimum Nutrition

Almost everyone in the fitness world has heard of Optimum Nutrition, largely because of the protein powders they have on offer, including Whey Protein and BCAA’s. What many of you may not know, though, is that they also do Protein Whipped Bites. These aren’t like your usual protein bar; firstly it’s a pack of two smaller bars, secondly they’re quite fluffy and almost mousse-like, coated in chocolate, which I love! With no added sugars, high in fibre and 20g of protein, these bars scream to be eaten!

Protein Whipped Bites

A pack of 12 bars on the website come in at £24.99, however they’re quite often cheaper to purchase through Amazon (around £17.99 – and no postage costs if you have Prime).

Optimum Nutrition
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