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What are the most supportive sports bras?

We've tried and tested many popular sports bras to determine just which ones offer the most support when you're working out

Supportive-Sports-BrasIt's important, as a woman, to have a sports bra that supports whatever you're doing

As a woman, jogging and running is all fun and games until you realise your boobs have a mind of their own and are jiggling around all over the place. I, myself, have experienced this and it’s something I get conscious of; whether I’m outside running or even in the gym on the treadmill. So, with this in mind, I thought I’d try out a whole range of supposed supportive sports bras to find out just what ones are good for keeping the puppies in check. Check it out..

Adidas All Me 3-Stripes Bra – £29.95

Adidas All Me 3-Stripes Bra

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The Adidas 3-stripe range has always been my go-to range, until I started to realise just how many brands are out there offering you the world. So it only made sense I included this sports bra in the roundup.

I love the thin back to this as it’s tucked neatly away when you wear a racer-back vest, and it’s also comfortable. The sports bra itself is padded (pads can be removed) and the straps are completely adjustable so you can find the right size for you.

The sports bra only comes in black, but size-wise they’re the most inclusive on this list, ranging from XS to XL.

Decathlon Domyos 900 Women’s Zip-Up Cardio Fitness Bra – £12.99

Decathlon Domyos 900 Women’s Zip-Up Cardio Fitness Bra

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You might be looking at the Decathlon Domyos fitness bra here and wondering why it has a zip. When actually you should be wondering why all sports bras DON’T have zips. Honestly, it’s a total revolution! There have been many a time where I’ve worked up a right sweat and had to fight my way out of my sports bras. You just don’t have that issue when you can unzip it and peel it off.

It’s also very well padded, keeps you totally in place and is super cute – if that’s what you’re going for.

It comes in four colours: Black/Bubblegum (what I’m wearing), Asphalt Blue/Black, Grey Blue/Black and Dark Blue/Navy Blue. Size-wise, they range from a S to an XL. What’s more, this sports bra is a complete bargain at just £12.99. You really don’t have to pay through the roof for a decent sports bra if you don’t want to.

Flexi Lexi Amber Bralette – $39.00 (roughly £30.00)

Flexi Lexi Amber Bralette

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This bra is stunning. Simpy stunning. The company wanted to design bralettes that women could wear whilst working out and also during the day, and having tested this during both I can honestly say they’ve nailed it. The material feels similar to bikini material, but it’s super comfortable. Yes, even being a halter neck and having a fancy back to it. Also, the padding is a total dream.

I have this bralette in a gorgeous hot pink but sadly I can’t find it on the website. So you’ll have to make do with a link to the white version.

Sizes come in Small, Medium and Large, but it’s worth checking out the size guide as Flexi Lexi isn’t a UK based company. Although, I highly recommend you place an order (their leggings are a dream too – I reviewed the Halo Adios Flexi Lexi pants too and they were totally non-transparent and again a dream to wear).

Anita Active Extreme Control – £48.00

Active Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra

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The sports bra isn’t padded, but holds a good shape and offers maximum support whilst you’re off running or enjoying whatever workout takes your fancy. Always a nice one to know too; the straps are comfortable. There’s nothing worse than a sports bra that digs in, am I right?!

There’s not a huge colour variety here: Black, White, Heather Grey, Peacock/Anthracite (what I’m wearing) and Desert. I am hopeful for more colours/patterns though as the website shows a lovely floral patterned version which I can’t find for sale. Sizes range from 30-46 B-H.

USA PRO Seamless Crop Top Ladies – £5.50

USA Pro Seamless Crop Top

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Not only is this USA Pro sports bra pretty, and long enough to be worn without a t shirt or vest over the top of, it’s padded AND the pads can be removed. It’s the whole package.

Even better, the sports bra / crop top is currently in the sale at Sports Direct. Depending on which colour you want (and there are many) you’re looking at between £5.25 and £11.00. Peanuts.

Speaking of colours, you can choose from: Charcoal, Grey Glitter, Navy (what I’m wearing), Burgundy, Mint, Purple Marlin, Chalk Pink, Teal Space and Mauve Orchid. Sizes range from 6 to 14, so don’t worry if they don’t have the colour you want, just pick another – there are plenty and it’s a fantastic bargain! I’ve got another 3x in my basket as we speak.

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