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The best breed of dog to be your running partner revealed – The Top 10 List

Best breed of dog for running revealedBest breed of dog for running revealed

There are very few positives to have come from the global pandemic but one is the rise in people looking for alternative methods of exercise and a second is the huge rise in pet ownership. Over 3.2m pets were bought during the various UK lockdowns and now an athletic clothing company has revealed the top 10 top breeds of dog when it comes to finding a running partner.

The Golden Retriever takes the top spot, followed by the Labrador and Poodle in the research carried out by Lululemon. The company even split the best breeds down into the running ability of the pet owner.

Lululemon analysed a variety of metrics including the cost of each breed alongside the types of run they would be suited to, as well as the dog’s temperament, size, life span, friendliness, trainability, popularity and living requirements. Alongside this, they worked withCity Dog Expert founder, Kimberly Marie Freeman who gave her top tips for working out with your dog safely.

Best dog for advanced runners

Weimaraners, German Shepherd’s and Belgian Sheepdogs came in the top three dogs for advanced runners. This is because these dogs have a medium to strong muscle build that makes them suited to longer periods of activity.

Best breed for beginners to running

Beginners to running were advised to for Labradors, Greyhounds and Beagles. Labradors were cited for their loyalty and patience, two traits that would be needed when dealing with any human who is new to running and jogging.

Lululemon were keen to stress that, similar to humans taking up running for the first time, age, condition and healthiness were vital to understanding if a dog was ok take up running and a check up at the vets is probably the best course of action before you take your pooch on your next run.

City Dog Expert founder, Kimberly Marie Freeman advised,

“If you are a serious runner, the key things to remember are to slowly introduce running to your adult dog. Keep an eye on their paw health – don’t run on hot surfaces, check for cuts and worn-out paw pads. If you get a puppy with the intention of having them as a running partner, make sure you do not run with them for extended periods until they are fully developed, and their bones set in place. Your vet and breeder will be able to give you more guidelines as to when they will reach full maturity”.

The full Top 10 List and the estimated cost to buy is now revealed

  1. Golden Retriever – £740
  2. Labrador – £590
  3. Poodles – £888
  4. Boxers – £740
  5. Greyhounds – £1,110
  6. Whippet – £1,480
  7. Border Collie – £590
  8. Springer Spaniels – £590
  9. Australian Shepherd – £1,110
  10. Beagles – £590

The research also took into account important features such as the easiness to train and how friendly the bred of dog is with strangers. The wider benefits of running for humans is well known but Lululemon also highlighted how it can benefits dogs just as much through areas such as muscle tone and mental stimulation.

Lululemon collated a list of the top dog breeds as part of its research based on their aptitude towards fitness and running. The brand looked at the types of run the dog would be suited to by length and pace. Length of runs were defined as short runs for less than 5km while long runs were anything over that.  

The all important question; what about French Bulldogs?

We asked lululemon for their thoughts on where super-cute French Bulldogs would feature in the best breeds for running and were politely laughed off the call. For the record, we don’t advise that you take your Frech Bulldog running

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