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When is the Nike Wildhorse 9 launching and why we can’t wait for it!

Nike wildhorse 9 is due out in May 2024

Word has started to spread around the trail running community that the launch of the Nike Wildhorse 9 is just around the corner. Just when we thought the Wildhorse 8 had tamed the toughest trails, the Wildhorse 9 is gearing up to gallop into our lives, promising an even smoother ride.

Lock your calendars for May 2024 and prepare your wallets for a likely £125.00 price tag, because this is a launch you don’t want to miss. Right now, we are itching to get our hands on a pair so we can carry out a trail trainer review.

The Wildhorse 8 took us on unforgettable adventures, with its smooth responsiveness, rugged traction, and robust containment. From rolling hills to winding paths, the Wildhorse 8 made us feel invincible. But what’s that we hear in the distance? It’s the thunderous approach of the Wildhorse 9, rumoured to be even better. Yes, you heard it right: even better.

What’s Different about the Wildhorse 9?

Nike has been quite cagey with the specifics of their updates to the Wildhorse 9, but we’ve managed to glean a few tantalising tidbits. If the Wildhorse 8 made us feel connected to the trail, the Wildhorse 9 is set to make us feel like we’ve grown roots right into the ground. Rumour has it that the grip on the outsole is going to be even more beastly, so say goodbye to slipping and sliding.

Remember the spring in your step from the Nike React technology in the Wildhorse 8? Word on the street is that the Wildhorse 9 might make us feel like we’ve got tiny trampolines under our feet. With an even more lightweight, durable foam, you’ll be bouncing over those gnarly rocks like they’re marshmallows.

We all appreciated the midfoot saddle on the Wildhorse 8, right? It was like the warm hug our foot needed on those long, tough trails. Well, saddle up, because the containment and security that the Wildhorse 9 offers is tipped to be a whole other level. We’re talking ‘strapped in and ready for take-off’ levels of secure.

And let’s not forget the breezy, lightweight feel of the Wildhorse 8. The upper offered us the breathability we needed when things started heating up. Well, Nike’s taking this up a notch with the Wildhorse 9, promising modernised materials that’ll make your foot feel like it’s on a tropical vacation.

But wait, there’s more! The rock plate in the forefoot of the Wildhorse 8 was a godsend for cushioning our foot on rough terrain. How could they possibly improve that, you ask? We don’t know either, but the whispers tell us to expect an even better cushioning system. It sounds like our feet are in for a treat.

Nike Wildhorse 6 was a vibrant and beautiful trail running shoe
The Nike Wildhorse 6 was our favourite design to date and we hope the Wildhorse 9 goes back to its vibrant colour history

Giddy up for the Wildhorse 9 launch!

While we wait with bated breath for the official details, these tantalising hints have us counting down the days until May 2024. The Wildhorse 9 sounds like it’s going to be a significant upgrade from the already impressive Wildhorse 8, and we can’t wait to saddle up.

The launch of the Wildhorse 9 is like waiting for Christmas morning, but instead of reindeer, we’ve got wild horses. The promise of an improved version of an already awesome trail runner is too exciting to pass up. So, lace up your current trainers, hit the trails, and dream about the runs to come. The Wildhorse 9 is on the horizon, and we’re ready to ride. Yee-haw!

The history of the Nike Wildhorse trail running trainer brand

Let’s rewind the clock and remember the origins of the Wildhorse range, Nike’s bold foray into the world of trail running shoes. It all began when Nike, the titan of sportswear, decided to extend their domain from the smooth pavement to the rugged wilderness. With their profound knowledge of athletic footwear, the challenge was accepted, and thus, the Nike Wildhorse was born.

Nike Wildhorse 1 launched in 2013 and was Nike's first trail running trainer
Nike Wildhorse 1 launched in 2013 and was Nike’s first trail running trainer

The first model, the Wildhorse 1, launched with much fanfare in 2013. The shoe was a testament to Nike’s commitment to providing runners with the perfect balance of comfort, traction, and durability. It offered a no-nonsense, straightforward design that sat well with runners seeking practicality over flamboyance. The shoe quickly gained a reputation for being an all-terrain workhorse, kicking off an era of exciting innovation in trail running gear.

As the series progressed, each new iteration of the Wildhorse range brought something exciting to the table. The Wildhorse 2, 3, and 4 saw steady enhancements, focusing on improved traction, more responsive cushioning, and better foot containment. The Wildhorse 5, launched in 2019, was particularly notable for its significant redesign, including a roomier toe box and a redesigned outsole for superior grip. The 6th and 7th versions continued this trend, offering increased comfort, stability, and durability.

With the launch of the Wildhorse 8 in 2022, Nike had firmly established the range as a powerhouse in the trail running world. Each evolution was carefully crafted based on valuable user feedback and the brand’s commitment to innovation. Now, as we anticipate the launch of the Wildhorse 9 in 2024, it’s clear that Nike’s Wildhorse series has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

It’s a testament to how far innovation, dedication, and a love for the great outdoors can take us, and we can’t wait to see where the Wildhorse 9 will take us next!

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