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Who is Susannah Gill? runner profile

Susannah-Gill-Jogger-Runner-ProfileSusannah Gill recently ran the 777 and smashed the world record

Who is Susannah Gill?

She’s a British endurance athlete hailing from Vauxhall, South London. The 34-year-old is a veteran marathon runner, competing for over 10 years and running over 40 marathons in total. She’s finished 10 London Marathons with a personal best of 2 hours 58 minutes and held the Guinness World Record for the fastest woman dressed as an animal (because, why not?!).

Her favourite races are apparently the Pharaonic 100KM in Cairo (placing 1st woman and third overall) & the Henley to Putney 100KM.

What’s more, you might see her out and about as her favourite training spot is the streets of London and the hills of Shropshire.

Which world record did Susannah Gill break?

She completed the World Marathon Challenge – A.K.A the 777; 7 marathons in 7 continents in just 7 days. A total of 183 miles ran (55,000 miles travelled) in a record time of 22 hours 50 minutes and 42 seconds, which meant burning up to 5000 calories a day.

In doing so, she beat the previous record holder, United States Marine Corps Captain Daniel Cartica, by nearly half an hour. What’s more, she won six of the seven legs.

Speaking to the BBC, she described the week as “extraordinary”.

What is a 777 run?

It’s a run that encompasses seven continents, seven marathons in seven days. It’s for elite athletes, challenging them both physically and logistically.

This year’s run went as follows:

  1. Novo, Antarctica
  2. Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town, Africa
  3. Burswood, Perth, Australia
  4. The Beach Dubai, Asia
  5. Jarama F1 Circuit, Madrid, Europe
  6. Parque Araucano, Santiago, South America
  7. South Beach, Miami, North America

The 168-hour timer starts when runners begin their route across Antarctica.

Susannah’s marathon times corresponded as follows:

  1. Antarctica – 03:53:55
  2. Africa – 03:21:32
  3. Australia – 03:19:19
  4. Asia – 03:26:23
  5. Europe – 03:11:49
  6. South America – 03:37:44
  7. North America – 03:26:24

Why did Susannah Gill run a 777?

There are a few reasons Gill made the decision to run a 777. #

For one, she’s entered a hall of fame that has seen fewer than 200 runners complete the daunting task. Notably with Sir Ranulp